The Devil All the Time Character Descriptions

Donald Ray Pollock
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Arvin Russell

He is the book's central character and protagonist.

Carl and Sandy Henderson

They destroy for the sake of destruction. They fill their emptiness with what they believe is excitement.

Lee Bodecker

He is Sandy Henderson's brother.

Roy and Theodore

They are two traveling preachers.

Willard and Charlotte Russell

These are Arvin's parents.

Emma Russell

She is Willard's mother and Arvin's grandmother.


He is Emma's brother.

Helen Hatton

She is a vulnerable young woman who suffers a traumatic experience in childhood.


She is the daughter of Helen and traveling preacher Roy.

Pastor Teagardin

He is the corrupt pastor who manipulates and takes advantage of Lenora.

Henry Dunlap

He is the owner of the home rented by Willard and Charlotte.

Hank Bell

He is one of the few genuinely compassionate characters in the work.


He is the dog Arvin fed.

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