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Gerald Brittle
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The "Authors Preface" states that all of the following had been altered in the book except for which one?
(a) Encounters.
(b) Names.
(c) Locations.
(d) Addresses.

2. In what room of the Hillman's home did Lorraine claim to have noticed an inhuman presence in?
(a) The master bedroom.
(b) Bob's bedroom.
(c) Dee's bedroom.
(d) The attic.

3. In "Beyond Amityville," Ed detailed how the black mass gave him a clear vision of himself and Lorraine doing what?
(a) Having their first child.
(b) Getting married.
(c) Investigating the Amityville house.
(d) Involved in a potentially deadly automobile accident.

4. What was the term used in "Art and Apparations" to define the ability to see beyond physical time and place?
(a) Abecedarian.
(b) Deja Vu.
(c) Runcation.
(d) Clairvoyance.

5. In the "Foreword," __________ first praises the Warren's for their hard work, dedication, and sincerity in their fight to save others from evil.
(a) Reverend John Hughes.
(b) Pastor Craig Michaels.
(c) Pastor Mike Jones.
(d) Mayor Paul Garner.

6. The author asserts at the end of "Annabelle," the doll came with a "friend", a(n) __________.
(a) Black cat.
(b) Male doll.
(c) Black crow.
(d) White snake.

7. According to the Warrens in "Art and Apparitions," where do most ghosts "live"?
(a) In England.
(b) In Germany.
(c) In America.
(d) In Russia.

8. Father Cooke recited the ________in each room of Donna and Angie's apartment.
(a) Hail Mary.
(b) Nicene Creed.
(c) Exorcism blessing.
(d) Lord's prayer.

9. At the end of "Annabelle," who was Marcie?
(a) The Warren's tabby cat.
(b) Lorraine's mother.
(c) The Warren's eldest daughter.
(d) Annabelle's cat.

10. At the end of "Art and Apparitions," the Warrens came to find that the phenomenon brought about by inhuman spirits occurred __________.
(a) By chance.
(b) In stages.
(c) At random.
(d) Unsystematically.

11. A year before the Lutzes bought their home in Amityville, the eldest son of the previous owner murdered the __________ sleeping members of his family at __________ in the morning.
(a) Six / 3:15.
(b) Four / 2:30.
(c) Two / 6:36.
(d) Nine / 1:45.

12. The author suggests in "Art and Apparitions" that communication with a ghostly entity ordinarily took place by means of ________.
(a) Psychokinesis.
(b) Latent Telepathy.
(c) Weegie boards.
(d) Mental telepathy.

13. Lou asserted that he first contacted __________ after he was physically attacked by the doll.
(a) Lorraine Warren.
(b) Father Hegan.
(c) Donna.
(d) Ed Warren.

14. During their early years of paranormal investigation, Ed and Lorraine spent ________ traveling around the country __________ and investigating haunted houses.
(a) 10 years / selling.
(b) 6 months / researching.
(c) 5 years / painting.
(d) 2 years / buying.

15. "The Demonologist" is a story about the experiences and beliefs of the __________.
(a) Franks.
(b) Smiths.
(c) Warrens.
(d) Coffields.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author maintains that demonic spirits do what with religious objects?

2. "Art and Apparitions" states that Ed Warren believed that the __________ was unaffected by the advent of death.

3. The "Authors Preface" explains that __________ was capable of creating his own triumphs and monstrosities.

4. In the Chapter "Annabelle," who exclaimed, "After I got the doll for my birthday, I put it on my bed each morning after the bed was made...But when we'd come home at night, the arms and legs would be positioned in different gestures"?

5. All of the following kept turning on in the Hillman's home according to Dee's story in "A Conjuring Book for Christmas" except which one?

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