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Short Answer Questions

1. What room does Luzhin lock himself into?

2. When Mrs. Luzhin comes to bed on her wedding night, where is her husband?

3. What fault does Luzhin's fiancee find with the material Luzhin selects?

4. How often do the Luzhins dine with Mrs. Luzhin's parents?

5. What does Luzhin feel like, when he moves into his new apartment after getting out of the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Luzhin see in the window of a stationery store that fascinates him?

2. How does Luzhin read?

3. What memory of his father does Luzhin recall when he stops to buy fruit?

4. Why doesn't Luzhin's fiancee ask him about his tuxedo?

5. How does Luzhin react after meeting an old acquaintance at the ball?

6. What books that his fiancee brings him in the sanatorium does Luzhin enjoy?

7. What does Luzhin's psychiatrist say about the possibility of him marrying?

8. What word keeps going through Mrs. Luzhin's mind on her wedding night, and what does it mean?

9. What does Luzhin's future mother-in-law feel as the wedding approaches?

10. How does Luzhin's fiancee's mother react to the idea that Luzhin is drunk?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss obsession in the novel.

1) Why is Luzhin obsessed with chess? Is this unhealthy, as his psychiatrist suggests?

2) What are other characters' obsessions? Does Luzhin's father have an obsession? Does his wife have one? What about other characters?

3) Can Luzhin's obsession be broken? Should it be?

Essay Topic 2

Luzhin is only known by his family name throughout most of the novel, and other major characters are never named at all. Discuss the use of names in the novel.

1) Why is Luzhin only known by his family name throughout the novel? Why is his personal name revealed at the end of the novel?

2) Why are the characters closest to Luzhin, like his wife, never named?

3) Why are characters who are relatively unimportant, like guests at a party or people the Luzhins run into on the street, given names? What does this show about the author's perspective?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the relationships of parents and children in the novel.

1) How does Luzhin relate to his father? How does this relationship affect Luzhin throughout his life? How does this relationship evoke the relationship of Luzhin's father and grandfather?

2) What do parents expect from their children in the novel? What does Luzhin's father expect from him? What about his mother? What do Luzhin's wife's parents expect from her?

3) How do parents and children feel about each other? Do they love each other? What other emotions are related to parents and children?

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