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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luzhin's future father-in-law talk to him about privately before his wedding?

2. What is Luzhin's future mother-in-law's prime objection to her daughter marrying Luzhin?

3. What does Valentinov tell Mrs. Luzhin to whisper in her husband's ear?

4. What does Luzhin's fiancee think of when she walks with him in the garden of the sanatorium?

5. Where does Luzhin's fiancee's father want her to go away to with her mother, to forget about Luzhin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Luzhin react to the parties of intellectuals that his wife entertains?

2. How does Luzhin kill himself?

3. What does Luzhin's psychiatrist say about the possibility of him marrying?

4. What books that his fiancee brings him in the sanatorium does Luzhin enjoy?

5. What is Mrs. Luzhin reminded of when she reads Soviet newspapers?

6. How to Kurt and Karl know where to send Luzhin in the taxi?

7. What are Mrs. Luzhin's political opinions about the Soviet Union?

8. What upsets Luzhien about the geography of the world?

9. What does Luzhin think is the point of the "game" being played against him?

10. Why doesn't Luzhin's fiancee ask him about his tuxedo?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss identity and personhood in the novel.

1) Luzhin's identity is wrapped up in chess. Why and how?

2) Does Luzhin fit the definition of a person, as other characters perceive it? How does Luzhin not fit into others' ideas of a "person"?

3) What gives Luzhin identity besides chess playing? What elements add to his identity?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss art and reflections of reality in the novel.

1) How is Luzhin's father's writing a reflection of reality? How is it a projection of his father's desires, a world of wish fulfillment? How does his writing compare to reality?

2) How do Luzhin's drawings reflect reality, and how do they reflect his perception of reality?

3) How is Luzhin's chess playing an art, and how is it not an art? How does it relate and compare to music? How does it reflect reality? How does it show Luzhin's perception of reality and his own wish fulfillment?

Essay Topic 3

Luzhin is only known by his family name throughout most of the novel, and other major characters are never named at all. Discuss the use of names in the novel.

1) Why is Luzhin only known by his family name throughout the novel? Why is his personal name revealed at the end of the novel?

2) Why are the characters closest to Luzhin, like his wife, never named?

3) Why are characters who are relatively unimportant, like guests at a party or people the Luzhins run into on the street, given names? What does this show about the author's perspective?

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