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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Luzhin do the previous Christmas with the chocolates meant for his aunt?
(a) He put the chocolates in a new box to give to her.
(b) He kept the chocolates and gave her a different preset.
(c) He ate half and rearranged the rest to hide the missing ones.
(d) He carefully wrapped each chocolate and arranged them in the box for her.

2. When does Luzhin's father return after going into town during the summer?
(a) Early, at 5:00.
(b) Late, at midnight.
(c) Late, at 10:00.
(d) On time, at 7:00.

3. What is Luzhin doing when he notices two other students taking out a chess set?
(a) Drawing on his desk.
(b) Sharpening pencils.
(c) Carving a piece of wood.
(d) Reading a book.

4. Where does Luzhin find the magazines where he studies chess problems?
(a) His grandfather's former study.
(b) His teacher's desk.
(c) His father's office.
(d) The library.

5. On the first game that Luzhin's opponent doesn't beat him, what is the result?
(a) The game is never finished.
(b) Luzhin wins by virtue of his grown skill.
(c) A draw.
(d) His opponent lets Luzhin win.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Luzhin runs away from home, what does he learn from his aunt?

2. How does Luzhin usually travel to school?

3. Who does Luzhin play chess with at his aunt's house?

4. What injury does Luzhin's mother incur, one July day?

5. When Luzhin suggests teaching his son chess, where in the country house do they find a chess set?

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