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The Condemned Jacket

This is the old, worn clothing that Luzhin wore during his chess-playing days. It represents his dormant chess obsession.


Here, young Luzhin is tormented by his peers and first sees chess played.


Throughout the novel, Luzhin learns about chess from these. Later, his games are immortalized in the same places.


Much of the story's events take place in and around this place, where many Russians have emigrated in the wake of the Russian Revolution.

The Boxed Chess Set

Young Luzhin steals this from his father's office.

Soviet Russia

This is the post-revolution Russia, now ruled by communists.


This is where young Luzhin sits during recess, apart from the other boys.

The Office of Luzhin Senior

Here, young Luzhin eavesdrops on a violinist and first hears talk of chess. This begins his obsession.

Black Silk Handbag

This is made of black silk...

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