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Essay Topic 1

Luzhin has difficulty with human relationships. Discuss love and human connection in the novel.

1) How does Luzhin form human connections, with his parents, his manager, his wife, his in-laws, and others? How are his human connections different from other people's?

2) Does Luzhin find love in the novel? Does he love others, and does he get love in return? How do his wife and his father love him?

3) Discuss the love relationships other than Luzhin's. How do his parents love or not love each other? How do his in-laws love each other? What other examples of love are there in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Luzhin's character.

1) How is Luzhin different from other people? What are the consequences to him in his life?

2) Why is Luzhin obsessed with chess? What does Luzhin see and enjoy that most people don't?

3) What kind of world would Luzhin be happy...

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