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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the young neighbor boy want who knocks at Beth's door?

2. Reese is certain that

3. How does Vincent portray himself to his new-found brother?

4. Sam may feel that he was the cause of

5. How did the FBI handle the possibility of Cecil's involvement in Ben's kidnapping

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Vincent's thesis topic ironic? Why, or why not?

2. Why will Cecil Lockhart not have to pay a price for having kidnapped Ben?

3. Is George Karras a monster? How do we know?

4. How would you describe the ending of this story? Is it happy? Is the story a tragedy?

5. What does Beth discover when Vincent leaves for school on this memorable morning when the family is about to re-claim Ben? How does it make her feel?

6. What small detail of Ben's disappearance does Reese finally discuss in words with Dr. Kilgore?

7. How does Beth steady herself for photographing scenes?

8. Why did Vincent not mention the kid he thought might be Ben?

9. What might have been the reason that Vincent did not share the unfortunate interaction with his coach with Dr. Kilgore?

10. Who is Cecil Lockhart, and why is her photo on George's mantel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How much influence do you believe television, movies and video games have on teenagers? Do you think kids are more apt to try stunts like Reese's explosions when they have been exposed to these things? Support your answers with evidence.

Essay Topic 2

The elder Cappadoras are very special characters in this story. Do a review of the book, focusing on their contributions to the family, their culture and lifestyle, their tolerance and their love for their children. What is their story?

Essay Topic 3

The elder Cappadoras served cannolis to the police force during the search for Ben. As caterers, they prepare Italian foods for many different occasions. Do a study of authentic Italian food and create a menu for a typical Italian dinner, including dessert and beverages. In addition, provide recipes for each dish.

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