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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Reese tell no one about seeing Ben in the neighborhood?
(a) He was afraid of upsetting his mother
(b) He was jealous of his brother
(c) He wanted to keep the secret to himself
(d) He could not believe it was really him

2. Beth remembers thinking that destruction might pass her by if
(a) She absorbed enough pain
(b) She developed a hard enough shell
(c) She protected her children properly
(d) She took enough photographs

3. What has Beth been doing when the boy comes to her door?
(a) Trying to dry and style her hair
(b) Taking a shower
(c) Trying to comb the snarls out of Kerry's hair
(d) Brushing the hair of the family dog

4. Now that Ben may be found, what ironic fact do we learn about Reese?
(a) He has suspected for a long time who Ben really was
(b) He does not want Ben to return to the family
(c) He blames Ben for his mother's indifference
(d) He still does not like his mother

5. Sam/Ben is somewhat phobic about
(a) Family
(b) Baseball
(c) Germs
(d) Shoes

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Vincent reveal his true heart to Ben?

2. Reese goes to jail for

3. Mr. Karras considers Ben to be

4. What unusual gesture does Beth make toward Kerry?

5. Beth cannot restrain herself from

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Beth discover when Vincent leaves for school on this memorable morning when the family is about to re-claim Ben? How does it make her feel?

2. What was it that prompted Cecil to kidnap Ben?

3. What might have been the reason that Vincent did not share the unfortunate interaction with his coach with Dr. Kilgore?

4. Why does Beth seek out Nick again? Does she get what she wants?

5. What does the court order in terms of custody of Ben/Sam? Why?

6. Who is Cecil Lockhart, and why is her photo on George's mantel?

7. How does Candy feel about Ben's reappearance?

8. What small detail of Ben's disappearance does Reese finally discuss in words with Dr. Kilgore?

9. Is Vincent's thesis topic ironic? Why, or why not?

10. How would you describe the ending of this story? Is it happy? Is the story a tragedy?

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