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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Beth's father's character come across when a body needs to be identified?
(a) He becomes ill and leaves
(b) He assumes the body is Ben's
(c) He does not step up or offer to go to the morgue
(d) He is the first one ready to go to the morgue

2. Why is Sarah Chan somewhat unlikeable?
(a) She is not focused on her story
(b) She is not sensationalizing the situation
(c) She lacks poise
(d) Because she is not genuine

3. What was Beth's near-miss with Bob Unger?
(a) Beth contemplated leaving Pat to build a relationship with Bob
(b) Beth almost struck Bob with her car as he crossed the street
(c) Bob wanted Beth to come to work for him at Three-Mile Island
(d) During a session of kissing when she was married and pregnant, she caught herself and stopped

4. Beth's attitude toward her husband and children is
(a) Attentive and overly concerned
(b) Selfless
(c) Somewhat indifferent and aloof
(d) Warm and caring

5. Beth's response to the media is
(a) Closed indifference
(b) Responsive and grateful
(c) Interested but too busy
(d) Inviting and warm

6. Ben learns about love and opera from
(a) His grandmother, Rosie
(b) His uncle, Bick
(c) His grandfather, Angelo
(d) His father, Pat

7. The university hospital has managed to
(a) Force the family into bankruptcy
(b) Help Beth with her depression
(c) Save Vincent from a life of sorrow
(d) Help Pat avoid a major heart attack

8. What kind of relationship does Beth have with Bick?
(a) Bick does not necessarily like Beth
(b) She does not trust Bick
(c) Bick is only a distant relative
(d) She loves her brother dearly

9. Vincent's academic abilities are
(a) A matter of indifference to Vincent
(b) Not known or noticed by his mother
(c) A problem for him socially
(d) A bone of contention with his friends

10. What had Reese been doing when the latest fight took place?
(a) Cruising the neighborhood on his bik
(b) Riding his bike looking for trouble
(c) Watching a young neighbor kid play soccer
(d) Mentally mapping the neighborhood's manholes

11. Why does Ellen blame herself for Ben's disappearance?
(a) She is the one who pushed Beth to go to the reunion.
(b) She put Beth's room on her credit card, forcing Beth to go to the hotel desk
(c) She wanted Beth to bring her kids along to the reunion
(d) She had said she would watch Ben while Ellen took care of business

12. Now at the Cappadoras' home, Beth
(a) Develops a drug habit
(b) Takes up smoking
(c) Quits drinking
(d) Tries to escape

13. Kilgore's diagnosis for Reese's heart problem is
(a) Heart failure
(b) Arrhythymia
(c) Endosis
(d) Panic attack

14. When was the idea for the restaurant born?
(a) After Vincent's birth
(b) After Jill's wedding in Cappadora's
(c) When Ben disappeared
(d) Years prior in Italy

15. Why won't Reese get a paper route?
(a) He is afraid of the dark
(b) He is afraid of being kidnapped
(c) He is afraid of getting lost
(d) He does not want to travel about

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the elephant in the room to which Kilgore refers?

2. What kind of event is Beth Cappadora attending when Ben disappears?

3. What is Rose Cappadora's attitude about Ben?

4. What term does Beth recall Ben describing her?

5. How did the group leader, Penny, cope with her grief?

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