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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Ben's disappearance, how does the reunion go?
(a) The partiers carry on
(b) It ends abruptly
(c) It turns into a riot
(d) It becomes a little subdued

2. Beth has a small psychological breakthrough when she
(a) Takes a walk
(b) Prays
(c) Exercises
(d) Laughs

3. Charlie Rufalo is probably
(a) A blue collar criminal
(b) A member of the Mafia
(c) A fair weather friend
(d) An undercover FBI agent

4. Now at the Cappadoras' home, Beth
(a) Quits drinking
(b) Develops a drug habit
(c) Tries to escape
(d) Takes up smoking

5. What does Vincent seem to be most worried about?
(a) What might happen to Carrie
(b) How long his dad will be at work
(c) Where his next meal will come from
(d) How many bad guys there are

6. What had Reese been doing when the latest fight took place?
(a) Watching a young neighbor kid play soccer
(b) Cruising the neighborhood on his bik
(c) Riding his bike looking for trouble
(d) Mentally mapping the neighborhood's manholes

7. Why does Vincent miss being in Chicago?
(a) He misses the big city
(b) He misses the tranquility of the big house
(c) He misses the excitement of the search for Ben
(d) He misses love and attention from relatives

8. What is Pat's attitude toward Beth taking new jobs?
(a) He just wants her to be a mother
(b) He knows this will make things worse
(c) He is disappointed
(d) He is eager and supportive

9. Vincent asks Candy if
(a) She is a real officer
(b) She has brought Ben home
(c) She will stay with him
(d) She has ever been at his house

10. The neighbor thinks Vincent is bossy because
(a) His mother pays no attention to him
(b) He comes from an Italian family
(c) He comes from an Irish family
(d) He is jealous of his missing brother

11. What was Beth's near-miss with Bob Unger?
(a) Bob wanted Beth to come to work for him at Three-Mile Island
(b) During a session of kissing when she was married and pregnant, she caught herself and stopped
(c) Beth almost struck Bob with her car as he crossed the street
(d) Beth contemplated leaving Pat to build a relationship with Bob

12. What makes it appropriate to involve the FBI in this case?
(a) Enough time has lapsed without clues
(b) The police know that Ben is not in Illinois
(c) All leads have been exhausted
(d) Someone in another state has filed a report

13. In what way, if any, was the family meeting a success?
(a) Kilgore gets to meet Kerry
(b) Kilgore becomes close friends with the Cappadoras
(c) Kilgore gets to see what Reese is dealing with
(d) Reese gets clear about his family's problems

14. Rose thinks Beth has lost
(a) Her heart
(b) Her senses
(c) Her mind
(d) Her compassion

15. What is it about the little shoe that is suspicious?
(a) It is scuffed and dirty
(b) It looks new
(c) Ben is too little to tie a bow
(d) There is something on the sole

Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't Reese get a paper route?

2. When Ben goes missing, who decides to call the police?

3. Candy comes to town to attend a conference on

4. When was the idea for the restaurant born?

5. Beth leaves in her car to

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