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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Rose Cappadora's attitude about Ben?
(a) She does not care
(b) She feels he is dead
(c) She never gives up hope
(d) She quit thinking about it long ago

2. In the family restaurant, Vincent gets to overhear
(a) A loud family argument
(b) Recipes for Italian foods
(c) Conversations with waiters
(d) Complaining customers

3. Why does Vincent miss being in Chicago?
(a) He misses the excitement of the search for Ben
(b) He misses love and attention from relatives
(c) He misses the big city
(d) He misses the tranquility of the big house

4. Who has become Vincent's primary caregiver?
(a) Jill
(b) Laurie
(c) Candy
(d) Alex

5. Beth leaves in her car to
(a) Go to another reunion
(b) Go to a new meeting
(c) Attend Candy's wedding
(d) Take a break from the family

6. Vincent's academic abilities are
(a) A matter of indifference to Vincent
(b) A problem for him socially
(c) Not known or noticed by his mother
(d) A bone of contention with his friends

7. Kilgore's diagnosis for Reese's heart problem is
(a) Arrhythymia
(b) Panic attack
(c) Endosis
(d) Heart failure

8. Beth learns that Candy Bliss is
(a) A Christian
(b) A gay woman
(c) A closet clothes-horse
(d) A child at heart

9. What kind of relationship does Beth have with Bick?
(a) Bick does not necessarily like Beth
(b) Bick is only a distant relative
(c) She does not trust Bick
(d) She loves her brother dearly

10. When was the idea for the restaurant born?
(a) When Ben disappeared
(b) After Jill's wedding in Cappadora's
(c) After Vincent's birth
(d) Years prior in Italy

11. Ben learns about love and opera from
(a) His father, Pat
(b) His grandmother, Rosie
(c) His grandfather, Angelo
(d) His uncle, Bick

12. When Beth becomes overwrought with devastation over Ben, her response is to
(a) Eat
(b) Run
(c) Laugh
(d) Scream

13. Pat tells Vincent that he
(a) Saved his life
(b) Loves him
(c) Wants to go home
(d) Wished he were not there

14. Now at the Cappadoras' home, Beth
(a) Quits drinking
(b) Develops a drug habit
(c) Takes up smoking
(d) Tries to escape

15. What is the elephant in the room to which Kilgore refers?
(a) The clashing of religions
(b) The vanished faith in the family
(c) The immoral behavior of Beth
(d) The pain of losing Ben

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beth's father's character come across when a body needs to be identified?

2. What does Ellen promise to keep going when Beth leaves for home?

3. Beth has never, in her life,

4. Candy Bliss is

5. What favor does Candy do for Beth?

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