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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Beth feel about the memory of Ben?
(a) She blames Vincent and Pat
(b) She does not want to pretend he is alive
(c) She wants to have another child
(d) She appreciates Rose's hope

2. What piece of evidence has been found that points to kidnapping?
(a) One neatly tied small shoe
(b) A guilty looking police officer
(c) A toy left at the hotel door
(d) Ben's ham sandwich in the car

3. What is the elephant in the room to which Kilgore refers?
(a) The immoral behavior of Beth
(b) The pain of losing Ben
(c) The clashing of religions
(d) The vanished faith in the family

4. Charlie Rufalo is probably
(a) A blue collar criminal
(b) A fair weather friend
(c) An undercover FBI agent
(d) A member of the Mafia

5. What kind of school did Beth attend?
(a) A Catholic girls' school
(b) A school for Irish immigrants
(c) Public school
(d) A private Hebrew school

6. What is the point of trying to "stage" the press conference?
(a) So the Cappadoras will look famous
(b) To make the Cappadoras look special
(c) To evoke sympathy and help finding Ben
(d) To make the public think the Cappadoras are normal

7. To whom does Pat Cappadora turn in stressful times?
(a) Candy Blliss
(b) Vincent Cappadora
(c) Beth Cappadora
(d) His entire family

8. What favor does Candy do for Beth?
(a) She takes her to a conference
(b) She takes her out for breakfast
(c) She forces her to feed Kerry
(d) She takes her clothes shopping

9. Who has become Vincent's primary caregiver?
(a) Laurie
(b) Candy
(c) Alex
(d) Jill

10. Beth learns that parents who lose children often
(a) Renew their vows
(b) Become more tightly bonded
(c) Blame the child
(d) Grow apart from one another

11. Why is Sarah Chan somewhat unlikeable?
(a) She is not focused on her story
(b) Because she is not genuine
(c) She is not sensationalizing the situation
(d) She lacks poise

12. Why would Candy consider marrying an old friend of hers?
(a) To have a child
(b) To create a facade for herself
(c) To have a real partner
(d) To be a good wife to someone

13. Pat Cappadora arrives with an attitude of
(a) Rage toward Ellen
(b) Peace and hope
(c) Defeat and misery
(d) Getting down to business and finding Ben

14. Vincent asks Candy if
(a) She is a real officer
(b) She will stay with him
(c) She has brought Ben home
(d) She has ever been at his house

15. How does Beth try to cope with her grief?
(a) She decies to be completely honest with Pat
(b) She jumps in and cleans her house
(c) She only partcipates in a minor way and stays "checked out" most of the time
(d) She volunteers to watch the neighbors' children

Short Answer Questions

1. Vincent has changed his name to

2. Eventually, Beth begins to

3. What kind of event is Beth Cappadora attending when Ben disappears?

4. What shows up in Reese's dream about Ben leaving the hotel?

5. Beth was brought up

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