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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5 and 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Beth's response to the media is
(a) Responsive and grateful
(b) Inviting and warm
(c) Closed indifference
(d) Interested but too busy

2. What piece of evidence has been found that points to kidnapping?
(a) A toy left at the hotel door
(b) A guilty looking police officer
(c) One neatly tied small shoe
(d) Ben's ham sandwich in the car

3. Why does Candy want to go to Minneapolis?
(a) She wants to see her family
(b) She thinks Ben has been killed there
(c) She needs a break from work
(d) There has been a sighting of Ben

4. Now at the Cappadoras' home, Beth
(a) Takes up smoking
(b) Quits drinking
(c) Tries to escape
(d) Develops a drug habit

5. In what way are Beth and her father, Bill, alike?
(a) Both are doting parents to their children
(b) Both are somewhat immature and helpless
(c) Both love to play golf
(d) Both are organized and strong

Short Answer Questions

1. Pat Cappadora works

2. Candy Bliss is

3. What is the point of trying to "stage" the press conference?

4. Beth's attitude toward her husband and children is

5. What is a clue to Pat's current attitude toward Beth?

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