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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9 and 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Vincent has taken to sleeping
(a) In Ben's bed
(b) With Pat and Beth
(c) At the neighbor's house
(d) With his baby sister

2. How does Beth's father's character come across when a body needs to be identified?
(a) He assumes the body is Ben's
(b) He becomes ill and leaves
(c) He does not step up or offer to go to the morgue
(d) He is the first one ready to go to the morgue

3. What are the bionic noses?
(a) Small cameras disguised as badges
(b) Devices designed to pick up scents
(c) The detectives who are on the case
(d) The bloodhounds who will search for Ben

4. What does her friend Laurie want Beth to do?
(a) Snap out of her depression
(b) Eat and drink more
(c) Rest and stay quiet
(d) Participate in the search for Ben

5. Does Beth love Vincent and Carrie?
(a) She feels they are Pat's children and not hers
(b) Probably, but she is afraid to show it because of her grief over Ben
(c) Not really, but she tries to pretend
(d) She never really wanted them, and has not become attached

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vincent seem to be most worried about?

2. What piece of evidence has been found that points to kidnapping?

3. What is the point of trying to "stage" the press conference?

4. Who was assigned to watch Ben when he disappeared?

5. When Ben goes missing, who decides to call the police?

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