Objects & Places from The Deep End of the Ocean

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Beth and Pat Cappadora grew up here.


The home of the Cappadoras at the time Ben is kidnapped


A token of Ben that Vincent keeps under his mattress

Cedar Chest

Ben's earliest memory of his childhood


The event Beth is attending when Ben disappears

Wedding in the Old Neighborhood

The theme restaurant opened by Pat and Angelo Cappadora


Beth Cappadora's profession

Baby Shoes

The evidence that turns up proving Ben was kidnapped


A theme that appears in the story suggesting community


A sport that ultimately bonds Vincent and Ben

Mental Illness

A theme in the story that affects several characters in different ways


A constant presence at the Chicago Cappadora residence after Ben's disappearance


Beth's Chicago high school

Tremont Hotel

The lobby where Ben disappears

Compassionate Circle

A support group for parents who have lost children

Prank Calls and Confessors

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