The Deep End of the Ocean Character Descriptions

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Beth Kerry Cappadora

A talented photographer with a complex set of psychological issues.


Older brother to Ben Cappadora

Pat Cappadora

Wife of Beth and father of Vincent

Ben Cappadora/Sam Karras

A boy who was kidnapped in the lobby of a hotel.

Kerry Cappadora

Younger sister of Vincent and Ben

Candy Bliss

She is a private detective who becomes a close friend to the Cappadoras.

Cecil Lockhart and George Karras

The couple who raises Sam Karras until he is twelve.

Rosie and Angelo Cappadora and Bill Kerry

An old-school Italian American couple and Beth's Irish father. .

Tom Kilgore

Vincen't's psychological counselor

Nick Palladino

Beth Kerry's first love.

Jill (Jillie)

A young woman who is cousin to Ben Cappadora.

Charlie Ruffalo

A friend of the Cappadoras whose mob connections are alluded to

Loretta Quail

A psychic reader

Bick, Paul, Vic, Tree (Teresa), Joey, Monica

Siblings and their spouses...

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