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Short Answer Questions

1. When Jen's wife's body is examined, what is noticed about her?

2. Under Chinese law, what is Jen supposed to do with his wife?

3. Who is Ts'ui Meng supposed to become friends with in order to save his life when he has committed too many crimes?

4. Who does Ts'ui Meng adopt for a year?

5. Who has an alibi on the night of the murder of Jen's wife?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Huang discover at Jen's house?

2. What is Jen's punishment for killing his wife?

3. How does Jen place the blame of Wang's death on Kao?

4. How does Kao get involved in Jen and Wang's marital dspute at the temple?

5. Why is keeping order difficult in T'an-ch'eng County?

6. Describe Wang's surreal dream.

7. What do many women do after their husbands die in China?

8. How does the boy that Ts'ui Meng befriended rescue him?

9. How is the woman Wang described in Chapter 5?

10. What is the conflict between a local farmer and another Wang family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the story of Ts'ui Meng, Ts'ui Meng kills a woman who tortured and killed her mother-in-law and also her husband. Is he justified in his action? Was he just? Did Ts'ui Meng have the right to take the law into his own hands? What character traits are revealed by his actions?

Essay Topic 2

Spence frequently describes the importance of virtue in relationship to widows. He points out that virtue is sometimes prompted by a desire for honor. Is this real virtue? Why or why not? Is this desire linked to cultural norms or human pride or both?

Essay Topic 3

What public systems are maintained in the county of T'ang-Ch'eng via taxes? What private or Imperial systems are maintained? Who builds and maintains this infrastructure? Is taxation thus beneficial to the individual citizen? Why or why not?

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