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M-a-t'ou Market

This town is known for goods such as cloth, wine, salted goods, and tobacco.

T'an-ch'eng County

This is a poor county in northeast China known for growing wheat and sorghum.

T'an-ch'eng City

This is the capital and administrative center known for tax collections and magistrates.

Fox Spirits

These are mischievous beings that take over the bodies of human beings.

Ming Dynasty

This is the Chinese Imperial bloodline ruling from Peking till 1644.

The Manchus, or Ch'ing Dynasty

This is the Chinese dynasty that takes over in 1644.

Confucius, Confucianism

This is the great Chinese teacher who created a moral philosophy that is the basis of law.

The Shu and I Rivers

These are Yellow River tributaries.

The Local History of T'an-ch'eng

This written work describes the lives of virtuous widows in a Chinese county.

The White Lotus Sect

This is a Buddhist group that practices magic.

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