The Death of Woman Wang Fun Activities

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China Travel

Recreate a trip through China in the 1600s. What does the country look like? How do people dress? What would you see on your trip?

Movie Viewing

Watch The Arch. How does this 17th century Chinese art film compare to the Death of Woman Wang? Are the settings, culture, and story similar and in what ways? Why or why not?

P'u Sung-ling Story

Pick any one of P'u Sung-ling's stories and share your thoughts. What do you like about the story? What do you learn about Chinese society of the time?


Make a CD of music of this time period and share it with the class.


Sketch your favorite scene from the book using details in the text and in the illustrations.


Dress up as a bandit of Chinese society. Compare this to modern day bandits in remote areas of China known for...

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