The Death of Woman Wang Character Descriptions

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Huang Liu-hung

This individual is a magistrate in T'an-ch'eng city who gathers evidence about the murder trial.

Feng K'o-ts'an

This individual is the holder of the highest Confucian honors and falls into poverty.

P'u Sung-ling

This individual is a married writer whose characters often need magical powers.

Woman Wang

This individual is married, elopes with another person, and is murdered.

Jen, Husband of Woman Wang

This individual accepts a partner who cheated but murders him/her.

The Magician

This individual is a magician who does amazing tricks with a a peach from an orchard in heaven.

Goddess of the Flowers

This individual needs help from a Chinese calligrapher to contact the wind.

Hsaio-erh and Ting Tzo-mo

This character has magical powers, falls in love, gets married, and flies away on a kite.


This individual is prosperous, hits another individual, and pays for a funeral.

The Old Widow

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