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Dan Jurgens
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Short Answer Questions

1. What villain's rage does not compare to Doomsday's, according to Superman in Chapter 5?

2. What important discovery does Superman make about Doomsday while battling him in the air in the beginning of Chapter 4?

3. As mentioned in Chapter 6, how many miles does Doomsday cover with one of his leaps?

4. What does Rusty say he is going to need as he walks outside to see Doomsday squash a police car?

5. What happens to Superman temporarily when Doomsday kicks him in mid-air in Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference in the way Superman's mother and father are viewing the actions of the reporters covering the battle in Metropolis?

2. How does Doomsday try to prevent Superman from saving Mitch's family?

3. How does Superman switch his strategy against Doomsday at Habitat?

4. Why is Lois looking for Jimmy in Chapter 4? Where does she find him?

5. What is Supergirl's initial response to seeing Superman's fight against Doomsday?

6. What information does Dubbilex relay to Guardian after he taps into Doomsday's mind?

7. How does Guardian find out about a possible theory of where Doomsday came from?

8. After Superman returns and saves Mitch's family, what does Guy Gardner tell him?

9. What reaction does Superman have when he figures out that Doomsday is heading for Metropolis?

10. What causes the explosion at the end of Chapter 4, prompting Superman to make another important decision?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe in detail the final battle between Superman and Doomsday in Metropolis, how Superman's resilience is displayed, the damage that the city endures, the ineffectiveness of the outside help that Superman receives, how Superman discovers what can hurt Doomsday, and the reaction of Superman's relentless fight by Lois and Jimmy, as well as Jonathan and Martha Kent. Also, include an analysis of Superman's mindset and how it changes during the battle, along with Lois' reminder to him of the difference between him and Doomsday.

Essay Topic 2

Examine the ironic situation that Mitch is in when his mother and sister are trapped in a fire, how his opinion about Superman changes, and whether or not he has a new appreciation for Superman's heroic qualities. Include an analysis of the decision that Superman makes in returning to save Mitch's family, why it is a difficult choice, and the consequences he considers while making it.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze Superman's explanation of the necessity of violence, how it used, and the objectives of superheroes when using it. In addition, discuss the fears that Superman has, the reasons behind them, and include examples of how those fears are represented in the novel.

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