Objects & Places from The Death of Superman

Dan Jurgens
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The Daily Planet

This is the newspaper that employs Lois Lane, Clark Kent , and Jimmy Olsen .


This is the city which Doomsday is making a destructive path towards, and it is the place where Superman and Doomsday are both killed.

The Turtle-Boy

This is the television show that Lois Lane interrupts to get Jimmy Olsen, the star of the show.

The Justice League

This is a group of super heroes that fight crime with Superman as its recognized leader. Each member has a say on the issues.


This is the store where Doomsday finds a television advertising a wrestling match.

Glow in the Dark Spray Paint

This is an object Keith uses to find a way out of the underground tunnels and to write a signal for Superman.

Yellow Bird

This is the first living thing in the story killed by Doomsday.


This group, made...

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