The Death of Superman Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dan Jurgens
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Chapter 1

• A mysterious creature breaks through a steel door and begins wreaking havoc on the wildlife nearby.
• Lois Lane reports to work at the Daily Planet to find a note asking for Superman's help underneath the Metropolis power station.
• In the underground tunnels, monsters have stolen the city's power. The lights go out at the Daily Planet.
• Lois investigates the power outage and is captured by Clawster, one of the monsters.
• Superman arrives at the underground tunnel, defeats the monsters, and rescues Lois.

Chapter 2

• The Justice League of America is in Ohio putting out a fire and saving the victims of the damage caused by the unknown creature.
• Maxima uses her telepathy to discover that the creature responsible is about hate and death. The creature must be stopped.
• The creature, covered by a clothed outfit, spots the Justice League and attacks their aircraft with a tree, forcing it...

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