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Ruth Ware
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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of tarot reading does Hal perform for Abel?

2. How old had Maud been when Lizzie began to work at Trepassen House?

3. The taxi driver had described Maggie's expression upon being dropped off at Trepassen House as resembling the look of which historical figure?

4. Which character urges Hal in Chapter 24 to use the night to think over the contents of Hester's will?

5. What type of document listing a certain character's address does Hal bring with her on her walk to the village of St. Piran?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hal sustain a physical injury in Chapter 38?

2. In Maggie's diary entry dated "11th December, 1994," (208) what action is Hester said to have taken after finding out about Maggie's pregnancy?

3. What knowledge causes Hal to feel angry toward her beloved late mother?

4. What does Hal decide in Chapter 33 about Mrs. Warren's reason for staying silent about the identity of Hal's mother and why does her conclusion frighten her?

5. What is the real reason why Hal takes the four-mile walk to St. Piran village in Chapter 34?

6. What feelings does Hal express to Ezra about the prospect of finding her biological father and how do they differ from her true feelings?

7. In Chapter 24, Hal announces to the Westaway family at Trepassen House that she has made what decision?

8. What is Abel's reply when Hal asks him who had taken the photograph he had given to her and why does Hal believe his answer to be false?

9. Who is Lizzie?

10. To which two questions is Hal determined to find the answers by returning to Trepassen House?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose an object from The Death of Mrs. Westaway, such as the magpies, Maggie’s diary, or some other symbolic object and discuss its overall meaning and its connection to themes within the text.

Essay Topic 2

How is the topic of fate treated within The Death of Mrs. Westaway and how does its treatment relate to the novel's depicted messages?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Ware’s use of the motif of water within the novel The Death of Mrs. Westaway.

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