Objects & Places from The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Ruth Ware
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Hot Water Bottle

This object symbolizes physical comfort. By the time Hal leaves for Trepassen House, she has lived in abject poverty for three years since her mother's death. She has become very familiar with using this object when she lacks the funds to pay for coal, but she does not expect to have to resort to using this object once she reaches the grand home for which she is bound. In this assumption, as in others concerning Trepassen House, Hal finds that she is mistaken.

Tarot Cards

These objects symbolize aspects of Hal's late mother's trade and the way in which Hal has come to love a few of these aspects of her inherited trade. In relation to these particular objects, the narrator states that Hal loves these them "as physical objects, the finely drawn images, their soft fragility" (30).

One-way Train Ticket

This object symbolizes commitment. Hal...

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