Daily Lessons for Teaching The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Ruth Ware
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-10)


Students will examine how Ware’s choice of setting for the story The Death of Mrs. Westaway aids in the communication of specific messages and insights to the reader.

The fact that the protagonist of the novel The Death of Mrs. Westaway has lived in the same apartment in Brighton for “all of her twenty-one years” (5) compels Ware to craft an especially vivid and detailed portrayal of the text's setting. By thinking about the reasons for an author's thorough and realistic depiction of a narrative’s setting, students will be able to see the importance of the choice of setting for a narrative.


Class Discussion: What elements are included when we talk about the setting of a story? Is it just location or are there other elements included? What are all of the elements we can include in a conversation about setting? What would be...

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