The Death of Mrs. Westaway Fun Activities

Ruth Ware
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Create a Three Dimensional Model

Create a 3-D model of Trepassen House. Pay close attention to the text's descriptions as you construct your model.

Conduct an Inquiry

Learn more about the history and art of tarot cards.

Compose a Eulogy

Write a eulogy in honor of Maud, the woman who raised Hal in Brighton and whose life was cut short in an untimely manner.

Create A Visual Representation

Create a visual representation of Hal, the protagonist of The Death of Mrs. Westaway. Use the medium of your choice to create your depiction, but be sure to reference the text during the creation process.

Provide a Film Score

Choose a scene in The Death of Mrs. Westaway in which music is not mentioned. Then choose a piece of music you think would fit the tone and mood of that scene if the scene were filmed as part of a...

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