The Dead Zone Character Descriptions

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John Smith

This character is a carefree, happy child who grows up to be bright and good at his job. Although his methods may be slightly unorthodox, he is the one that everybody likes, with a quick wit and an easy smile.

Greg Stillson

He is charming and wins people over easily. However, those who do not cooperate tend to regret it.

Sarah Bracknell Hazlett

Johnny's love interest and witness to the first major psychic event.

Herb Smith

Johnny's father.

Vera Smith

Johnny's mother.

Sam Weizak

He is the first to experience the full impact of Johnny's abilities.

Chuck Chatsworth

Johnny's teenage student who has difficulty reading.

Roger Chatsworth

Chuck's father and a successful businessman.

Shelly Chatsworth

Chuck's mother.

Sonny Elliman

Greg Stillson's right hand man and enforcer.

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