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Short Answer Questions

1. When does Father Franco think that St. Margaret's will close?

2. How many girls are being asked to stay indefinitely at a convent in upstate New York?

3. How many people are waiting in line for the bus when Alex arrives?

4. Where is Carlos stationed?

5. Where were the owners of the cat in 16D when the disaster ocurred?

Short Essay Questions

1. If the next convoy leaves December 26, why won't Alex be allowed to go?

2. Why does Father Franco tell his parishioners to boil their drinking water and wear insect repellent?

3. What did Uncle Jimmy say happened to cause the emergency?

4. Why doesn't Alex set with his friends when he goes to the chapel in Chapter 3?

5. Why does Alex get worried when it snows?

6. At the end of August, what happened to Julie's garden?

7. Who is the new headmaster for Alex's school after the disaster?

8. By December 5, what does Harvey want the boys to look for when they body shop?

9. Why can't Alex get into other apartments than the ones that he has keys for?

10. When Father Mulrooney tells Alex he can't have lunch because he hasn't done his work, why does Alex just leave?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 7, Alex begins to realize that rules are sometimes meant to be broken. The objective of this lesson is to discuss how and why Alex begins to realize that sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapters 9-10, there are more health concerns and more people die. Discuss the health conditions after the disaster and how they were dealt with.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 9, Alex goes body shopping for the first time. Discuss body shopping and its importance.

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