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Short Answer Questions

1. When Alex returns to school in Chapter 3, where are students to report?

2. What game does Alex offer to teach Julie to help pass the time?

3. What time does a cop begin telling people that the food is gone?

4. How much does the customer pay that Alex is helping at the beginning of Chapter 1?

5. Where does Alex sleep at the beginning of Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it thought that there will be more tsunamis?

2. Why does Bri think her mother hasn't called?

3. Why is it so important for Alex and Julie to get to Morse before eight?

4. Why does Greg Dunlap give Alex the keys to his apartment and to his neighbors' apartment?

5. What does Alex learn about the situation in New York from the television news stations?

6. What does Alex see when he approaches his apartment after work on May 18?

7. Why does Briana think that the blackout has something to do with the moon?

8. What advice does Sister Rita give Alex?

9. What is Briana's schedule at the farm?

10. Why does Kevin take vodka rather than food for the items he collects body shopping?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of Chapter 4, Alex realizes that the future he dreamed of no longer matters. Compare and contrast the future Alex dreamed of before the disaster and the future he sees after the disaster.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapters 15-16, their is a feeling of dread mixed with the hope that Alex feels as he counts down the days to the convoy. Discuss the overall mood of "The Dead and the Gone".

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 14, Alex feels like an outsider in New York for the first time in his life, although he has felt like an outsider other places. Discuss where and why Alex has felt like an outsider.

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