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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the customer Alex is helping at the beginning of Chapter 1?
(a) David Andrews.
(b) Bill Wong.
(c) Greg Dunlap.
(d) Mario Marcetti.

2. From which apartment do Alex and Julie get Oreos and other food?
(a) 15C.
(b) 13D.
(c) 14J.
(d) 11A.

3. What color hair does one dead girl have in Yankee Stadium?
(a) Red and black.
(b) Orange and black.
(c) Purple and pink.
(d) Green and purple.

4. Where does Alex work?
(a) Brooklyn Deli.
(b) McDonalds.
(c) Fong's Restaurant.
(d) Joey's Pizza.

5. What does Alex eat for lunch at school on August 8?
(a) Sauerkraut.
(b) Spinach and bread.
(c) Peanut butter sandwich.
(d) Boiled potatoes and canned carrots.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Alex go to scream curses at an empty building?

2. How long has Alex known Chris?

3. What is the name of the cousin that Uncle Jimmy and his family will stay with?

4. What landmark has Alex heard was destroyed during the disaster?

5. What does Julie worry won't survive in her garden now that the sun isn't shining?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Uncle Jimmy and his family going and why?

2. Why does Briana think that the blackout has something to do with the moon?

3. Why is Alex's father gone at the time the novel opens?

4. Where does Brianna have a chance to go?

5. Why does Bri think her mother hasn't called?

6. What will determine if Alex is able to attend Georgetown?

7. Why does Chris give Alex his father's business card?

8. Why does Father Franco tell his parishioners to boil their drinking water and wear insect repellent?

9. Why are there no convents that can take Julie?

10. What does Alex learn about conditions in Puerto Rico in Chapter 4?

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