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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is the next convoy that Julie might be able to take?
(a) January 7.
(b) January 9.
(c) January 2.
(d) January 4.

2. How long had Harvey been dead when Alex found him?
(a) 30 minutes.
(b) 24 hours.
(c) 10 minutes.
(d) 3 days.

3. How long was Alex sick and mostly unconscious?
(a) 36 hours.
(b) 48 hours.
(c) A week.
(d) 2 days.

4. What time do Alex and his sisters arrive at the Port Authority?
(a) 9:15.
(b) 10:15.
(c) 10:30
(d) 9:30.

5. What class did Bri have with Sister Rita?
(a) 8th grade English.
(b) 8th grade history.
(c) 9th grade history.
(d) 9th grade English.

6. Where did Bri go on Alex's birthday?
(a) St. Vincent's.
(b) St. Margaret's.
(c) Park.
(d) Holy Angels.

7. How long does Alex think it might take to drag Bri to the Port Authority to catch the convoy?
(a) 2 hours.
(b) 4 hours.
(c) 3 hours.
(d) 5 hours.

8. What day is Julie's birthday?
(a) September 30.
(b) October 2.
(c) October 1.
(d) September 29.

9. What is the date at the beginning of Chapter 19?
(a) January 1.
(b) December 29.
(c) December 27.
(d) December 25.

10. By December 28, how long has it been since Alex has eaten?
(a) 24 hours.
(b) 12 hours.
(c) 36 hours.
(d) 4 hours.

11. When will the next convoy be?
(a) December 15.
(b) January 10.
(c) January 5.
(d) December 26.

12. What last thing does Alex look for before he and Julie leave?
(a) Picture of his family.
(b) His mother's rosary.
(c) St. Christopher medal.
(d) Birth certificates.

13. Where does Alex tell Julie to go in Chapter 15 when he thinks someone has broken into their apartment?
(a) 11th floor.
(b) 3rd floor.
(c) 14th floor.
(d) 2nd floor.

14. How much does Alex weigh by the first of December?
(a) 110 pounds.
(b) 112 pounds.
(c) 120 pounds.
(d) 105 pounds.

15. What would Alex have liked to eat at the beginning of Chapter 19?
(a) Sardines.
(b) Peanut Butter.
(c) Tuna.
(d) Minestrone soup.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Alex and his sisters have for supper on their father's birthday?

2. What time does Kevin show up to body shop on December 5?

3. How long does it take Alex and Julie to get ready to go look for Bri in Chapter 19?

4. How much money is one of Julie's tickets worth?

5. What time does Alex give up trying to sleep at the beginning of Chapter 17?

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