Objects & Places from The Dead and the Gone

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New York, New York

This is the setting of the novel.

St. Vincent de Paul Academy

This is the school Alex Morales attends.

St. Margaret's

This is the church that the Morales family attends.

St. John of God Hospital

This is where Alex's mother works.

Milagro del Mar

This is where Alex's father went for his mother's funeral.

Holy Angels

This is the school that Briana and Julie Morales attend.

Notburga Farms

This is where Briana develops asthma.

Saint Ursula College

This is a place that Sister Rita and Father Mulrooney attended.

Designated Residential Unit

This was a safe place for those in society deemed essential personnel for the city to live.

Yankee Stadium

This was a place where Alex went to view bodies of unclaimed women, hoping to find his mother.

Harvey's Tailoring and Alterations

This is a place where a black market is run after the...

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