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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One and Chapter Two)


Susan Beth Pfeffer is the author of "The Dead and the Gone." The objective of this lesson is to discuss Pfeffer and her writing.


1) Research: read biographical information about Pfeffer. Write the answers to these questions: When and where was Pfeffer born? When did she decide she wanted to be a writer? What was her first writing project? When did she publish her first book? What is her educational background?

2) Class Discussion: Use reference material as needed. What was the first type of writing that Pfeffer did? Does Pfeffer write in a particular genre? If so, what? Why does Pfeffer enjoy writing? Where does she get inspiration for her stories? Is there a common theme in her books? Has she written anything other than young adult books? How many books has she written? Have any of her books been made into movies?

3) Partner Discussion: Divide...

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