The Dead and the Gone Character Descriptions

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Alex Morales - This character is a seventeen-year-old who must care for his sisters.

Julie Morales - This character is twelve years old and is the baby of the family.

Briana Morales - This character's religious faith gives her strength, and she is a buffer between her siblings.

Kevin Daley - This character is an intelligent young man who uses his intelligence to manipulate the word around him, but he is also a very caring individual.

Harvey - This character owns a tailor and alteration shop before the disaster, and deals in the black market after the disaster.

Father Francis Patrick Xavier Mulrooney - This character is a priest at St. Vincent de Paul.

Chris Flynn - This character is a bright, wealthy young man who is a student at St. Vincent de Paul and who is one of the candidates for class president.

Father Franco -...

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