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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bill argue Coker would be better with Beadley group?

2. What method does the group use next to search for Beadley's party?

3. What does Bill load up on at the beginning of Chapter Nine?

4. What does Coker help to do at Tynsham?

5. What does Coker explain is Bill's new job?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Josella's fears about her wedding.

2. Describe Shirning Farm.

3. Explain what Bill finds at Tynsham.

4. Describe the scene with the man in the inn at Steeple Honey.

5. Describe Bill's view of loneliness.

6. Why do you think the small groups located by helicopter in Chapter Twelve choose not to join other groups?

7. Describe what happens to Bill at the beginning of Chapter Eight, in terms of how he is kidnapped.

8. Explain how Coker meets with Bill again.

9. Describe how Coker came to remain sighted.

10. Explain how Coker describes himself, and his abilities.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Day of The Triffids was written in 1951, after WWII. Do you think WWII had an influence on the themes in the novel? Why or why not? If so, what themes are present in the novel that lead you to believe so? If not, why do you think, then, that Wyndham references America as a saving country and the date the bomb dropped on Hiroshima (pg. 95)? Do you think there are threads of communism, socialism, the Cold War, and other WWII themes in the novel? How are those themes represented in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

What is the function of the triffid in the novel? How does the author seem to imply the triffid was created? What does this symbolize in terms of the culture of Wyndham's time? What was he trying to say about biological tampering and the creation of government-born viruses and mutations? Why was this a point at the time the novel was written? Be sure to include details from the book to explain your answers and to justify your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

There are several incidents of suicide in the novel. Choose from one of the following and describe, in detail, the circumstances behind the suicide, and your thoughts on the person's act. Were they smart to end their lives or was the act cowardly? What were their alternatives? What would you have done in their positions?

• The landlord of the tavern in Chapter One.

• The couple in Chapter Five.

• The young woman in Chapter Eight.

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