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Short Answer Questions

1. At University Tower, where does the writing say the community has gone?

2. Who does the young woman in Beaminster believe is coming to save them?

3. What feeling does Bill have after his long first day searching for Josella?

4. What does the redheaded leader of the other group do when he sights Bill?

5. How does Bill suggest they begin to search for Josella in the Downs?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Bill's view of loneliness.

2. Explain Coker's argument about why the young woman at Tynsham is at fault for not getting the lights back on.

3. Why do you think the small groups located by helicopter in Chapter Twelve choose not to join other groups?

4. Describe how Bill first discovers the plague, its symptoms, and its result.

5. Describe what happens to Bill at the beginning of Chapter Eight, in terms of how he is kidnapped.

6. Describe the three people Bill and Coker meet in Beaminster.

7. Describe how Joyce became poisoned and how she was saved.

8. Explain how Coker describes himself, and his abilities.

9. Explain some of the mishaps that befall Bill as he journey's to find Josella.

10. Describe the scene with the man in the inn at Steeple Honey.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are many situations in the novel that point out the human need for love and companionship. Bill and Josella become very close in a short time; a young woman offers herself to Bill because she fears he is lonely and thus will leave; Coker joins Bill; and Bill and the others constantly seek a community life. Why do humans in the novel constantly seek others? Do you think humans have an innate need for companionship? Why or why not? How is this shown in the novel? What do you think the author was trying to say about the communities of humans and the need for society and social order? Do you agree or disagree with his thoughts?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, there is a consistent struggle between doing what is morally right and doing what is necessary for survival. Choose one representation of this struggle from the following list and explain it in detail. What is the conflict? Why is there a conflict? How is one path more morally right than the other? Can the moral path not lead to survival in some way and the survival path not be made moralistically right? Why or why not? Be sure to be specific in relating the struggle back to the novel.

• Married men at University Tower being forced to mate and care for two blind women, as well.

• The forced care of ten blind persons by one sighted person as dictated by the Emergency Council.

• The choice of saving the blind at Tynsham even at the expense of the sighted.

Essay Topic 3

Some would argue that the ending of the novel is a message to civilization about the dangers of the future, in that mankind, in the book, is doomed to live on a small island while attempts are made continuously to end the existence of man. On the other hand, some would argue that the ending of the novel is hopeful, in that mankind is left to rebuild itself, possibly in a more coherent and non-violent way. Which opinion do you agree with? Why? What is the overall message of the entire story? Do you think Wyndham's view of his own civilization is positive or negative? Why? Do you think this book was meant as a warning or as a message of hope? Be sure to use examples from the novel to support your answers.

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