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Short Answer Questions

1. What do people learn about triffids that surprises and disgusts them slightly?

2. Where did Bill first see a triffid?

3. What happened to Bill as a child that caused curiosity about triffids?

4. Why does Josella agree to the taking on of blind women for such a purpose?

5. How does Bill solve the hunger issue to his standards?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed about the new use for sighted children and blind women in Chapter Three?

2. What are the potential uses of satellites, according to Bill?

3. Describe why Bill finds it difficult at first to break the law, even for food.

4. Explain Bill's response to the argument at the gate between the sighted and the blind.

5. Describe the events of the night of May 7th, in terms of what the narrator notes is said to have occurred, according to history books.

6. What is revealed about the triffids in Chapter Four, and how is this revealed in the book?

7. Explain the irony of the blind man Bill finds in Chapter Three, who was blind before the comet.

8. Describe the circumstances that resulted in Bill's hospitalization.

9. Describe the walking style of a triffid.

10. Explain the argument of Beadley that the world is better off after the comet than it was before.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the book, many of the characters appear to come from the upper class, such as Josella, while others, such as Coker, seem to come from a more meager background. How do you think this separation of class affects the different societies that emerge within the novel? Do you think social class has any bearing in this new world? If so, what? If not, what does have bearing? Do the leaders of the communities appear to be of a certain social class? Has the crisis changed the social order and, if so, how? What are the new credentials for success? What were the old credentials? What does this say about our society in comparison to the society within the novel?

Essay Topic 2

There are many situations in the novel that point out the human need for love and companionship. Bill and Josella become very close in a short time; a young woman offers herself to Bill because she fears he is lonely and thus will leave; Coker joins Bill; and Bill and the others constantly seek a community life. Why do humans in the novel constantly seek others? Do you think humans have an innate need for companionship? Why or why not? How is this shown in the novel? What do you think the author was trying to say about the communities of humans and the need for society and social order? Do you agree or disagree with his thoughts?

Essay Topic 3

The role of women drastically changes in the novel from pre-crisis to immediately following the crisis to long term. Explain this shift in roles. What were women prior to the event? How did that role change immediately following the comet? How did this again change when viewing long term goals of society? What is the new primary function of women in the new society? Does this differ greatly from the view of women prior to the catastrophe? In what way? Do you believe women could easily shift roles this way in reality? Why or why not?

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