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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do people learn about triffids that surprises and disgusts them slightly?
(a) They are full of germs.
(b) They are diseased.
(c) They are carnivores.
(d) They are animals.

2. What feeling does Bill have at the end of Chapter Three?
(a) He is relieved.
(b) He is depressed.
(c) He is elated.
(d) He is lonely.

3. What does the triffid do at the end of Chapter Four?
(a) It kills Josella.
(b) It attacks the car.
(c) It begins to 'talk'.
(d) It dies.

4. What book does Josella admit she wrote?
(a) Sex is Fun.
(b) Sex is Sexy.
(c) Sex is My Adventure.
(d) Sex is Sin.

5. What do Bill and Josella see at the gates of the University Tower?
(a) An argument between two women.
(b) An argument between the sighted and the blind.
(c) An argument between two blind men.
(d) An argument between a sighted man and a woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Josella wear such extravagant clothing the first evening Bill and she are together?

2. Why did Josella move home following her success?

3. What do some nations eject into space?

4. Why does Bill seem to be looking forward to the future?

5. Who is the young woman on the committee at the meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Bill feels a sense of relief at his new situation?

2. What is revealed about the new use for sighted children and blind women in Chapter Three?

3. Explain how the seeds of the triffid came to spread across the world, according to the story by Bill of Umberto Palanguez.

4. Give a brief explanation of the various speculations pertaining to the coming of the triffids.

5. Explain the difference between Josella's view of triffids and Bill's. Why are they do drastically different?

6. What is happening to society at the beginning of Chapter Four, and why?

7. Describe the argument between the sighted leader of the blind at the gates of University Tower and the sighted leaders of the sighted colony at the university.

8. Do you think the narrator is right to leave the blind group in the lobby of the hospital, knowing they cannot see to get out?

9. Describe the circumstances that resulted in Bill's hospitalization.

10. What are the potential uses of satellites, according to Bill?

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