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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Josella wear such extravagant clothing the first evening Bill and she are together?
(a) She is saying goodbye to frivolity.
(b) She is trying to entice Bill.
(c) She is trying to reclaim her beauty.
(d) She always dresses in such a manner.

2. What caused Josella to have to leave her vehicle as she went to find the doctor?
(a) She ran out of gas.
(b) Her brakes failed.
(c) The roads were impassable.
(d) Her tire was flat.

3. What does Beadley think of Bill in relation to triffids?
(a) He thinks he is uneducated.
(b) He thinks he is an expert.
(c) He thinks he is afraid.
(d) He thinks he is unsound.

4. Why do Josella and Bill go to Clerkenwell once they leave Josella's home?
(a) For triffid guns.
(b) For food.
(c) To find people.
(d) For water.

5. Where did Bill first see a triffid?
(a) In a factory.
(b) In a zoo.
(c) In his garden as a child.
(d) In a botanical garden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Bill and Josella go at the end of Chapter Four?

2. How does the blind man have the woman held captive?

3. What happened to Bill as a child that caused curiosity about triffids?

4. Where does Bill go in the beginning of Chapter Three?

5. What was considered the main problem in the world prior to the triffids?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain why Bill feels a sense of relief at his new situation?

2. Describe why Bill finds it difficult at first to break the law, even for food.

3. Explain how the seeds of the triffid came to spread across the world, according to the story by Bill of Umberto Palanguez.

4. Describe the events of the night of May 7th, in terms of what the narrator notes is said to have occurred, according to history books.

5. Explain Vorless' opinion on the new role of men and women in society.

6. What surprises Josella about her actions when she was captive?

7. Explain Bill's response to the argument at the gate between the sighted and the blind.

8. Explain the difference between Josella's view of triffids and Bill's. Why are they do drastically different?

9. Do you agree with Bill's statement at the end of Chapter Six that man is lost without his ability to see? Why or why not?

10. What is revealed about the new use for sighted children and blind women in Chapter Three?

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