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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What brings Bill into the alley where he finds a blind man and his captive?
(a) A dog's bark.
(b) A man's voice.
(c) A woman's scream.
(d) A child's laugh.

2. Where do Josella and Bill stay on the first evening?
(a) Josella's home.
(b) A hotel room.
(c) An extravagant apartment.
(d) A hovel.

3. What was the result of this event?
(a) Bright green lights in the sky.
(b) An explosion.
(c) Darkness.
(d) A lack of moonlight.

4. Why does Bill not help people in the beginning of Chapter Four?
(a) He sees they do not need assistance.
(b) He sees they are slowly losing control.
(c) He is unable to see.
(d) He is cruel.

5. Who does the narrator meet at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) A doctor.
(b) Joelle.
(c) The landlord of the pub.
(d) Walter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one theory of how the triffids appeared?

2. How does the blind man have the woman held captive?

3. What happened in Indo-China that related the strangeness of the triffid?

4. What was considered the main problem in the world prior to the triffids?

5. What did Bill's father want him to do for a living?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Vorless' opinion on the new role of men and women in society.

2. Explain why Bill decides to go to London at the beginning of Chapter Three?

3. Explain the irony of the blind man Bill finds in Chapter Three, who was blind before the comet.

4. Explain why the Colonel and the others want to leave London?

5. Describe the scene where the narrator first learns of the blindness that plagues mankind.

6. Describe the events of the night of May 7th, in terms of what the narrator notes is said to have occurred, according to history books.

7. What is revealed about the triffids in Chapter Four, and how is this revealed in the book?

8. What are the potential uses of satellites, according to Bill?

9. Explain the difference between Josella's view of triffids and Bill's. Why are they do drastically different?

10. Why does Bill not kill the man holding Josella captive?

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