The Day of the Triffids Character Descriptions

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The Narrator (William Masen)

This character had an encounter with a triffid which blinded him for several days prior to the meteor shower, and this saved him from permanent blindness. His work with triffids prepared him for the catastrophe in the novel.

Josella Playton

This character is known as being the creator of a sexy, sensational novel before the catastrophe, but proves to be practical, strong minded, strong willed, and independent, and determined to reject past superficiality.


This person has many aspects of personality which are deliberately cultivated in order to gain as many opportunities to succeed as possible, making this character an opportunist who succeeds following the catastrophe.

Walter Lucknor

This character, a thoughtful, watchful, and cautious person, never actually appears in the novel, but plays an essential and defining role in the other characters', and the readers', understanding of what is going on. His vast...

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