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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does his visitor recommend as a leading historian of Richard III's time?

2. What historical figure does his visitor like?

3. How old was Edward while leading an army?

4. How does Grant describe the way stars affect a person?

5. What was the only thing Mrs. Tinker read in the newspapers?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Marta suggest he do with his time?

2. What does Brent mention about the murder of the two princes?

3. What did Grant provide Mrs. Tinker with, and what did he never see?

4. Why is it such a big scandal that Edward got married?

5. What puzzles Grant about what he is learning about Richard the Third's fall from grace?

6. What idea makes the whole notion of the murder of his nephews ludicrous?

7. What else troubles Alan regarding the nephews, other than the lack of motive to murder them?

8. Who was King Richard the Third rumored to have killed and why?

9. Why doesn't Grant write the book on Richard the Third?

10. What differs in the accounts of how Henry VI's son dies?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Quote the Matron's opinion of Richard the Third. Explain why her opinion is the most accurate of any other person. Compare and contrast her opinion with at least two other characters in the book.

Essay Topic 2

In your opinion, what is the most convincing reason for Richard not to have killed his nephews? Take quotes from the book and argue creatively.

Essay Topic 3

Suggest reasons why Grant doesn't believe he'll like actual detective work as much as he enjoyed researching Richard III. What is the difference between being a detective and being a researcher?

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