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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is "gunning for" Alan?
(a) Alice Shergod
(b) Traci Hersting
(c) Atlanta Shergold
(d) Sergeant Williams

2. Who else was rumored to have been killed by Richard?
(a) Edward
(b) Henry the Seventh's son
(c) Henry the Sixth's only son
(d) Edward's two sons

3. Who was the IRA financed by?
(a) Belgium
(b) Scotland
(c) Holland
(d) The Catholic church

4. What did the Midget bring him?
(a) Dinner
(b) Rice pudding
(c) Tea and scones
(d) Doughnuts

5. When did the younger boy join his brother?
(a) May 12th
(b) June 16th
(c) May 14th
(d) June 18th

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do people stand on soap boxes to speak of things of little consequence that few believe?

2. Where was Richard's mother?

3. Where did Richard and his wife move after June 5th?

4. What is properly ironic about the covenanters?

5. How does Grant feel now that he's gotten the facts on paper?

Short Essay Questions

1. What led Carradine to believe that Richard wanted to end the feud between the Lancasters and Yorks?

2. What is interesting to note about Richard III's heirs?

3. What did Laura mention about the Martyrs?

4. What kinds of atrocities did the supposed people of God (Covenanters) commit?

5. What kind of steps would Richard have taken if the rumor about him killing his nephews was a general rumor?

6. Why was it important to Morton that Richard be removed from the throne?

7. What is the difference in previous records of Henry and Richard?

8. What was the difference in the Queen Dowager's treatment under Edward and under Henry?

9. What was the actual goal of the Covenanters?

10. What was Henry the Seventh's first action when he came to the throne?

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