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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had the majority of the Royal family gone following Edward's death?
(a) Sanctuary at Westminster
(b) To the funeral and oath of allegiance
(c) Into sanctuary at York
(d) Sanctuary at the London Tower

2. Who has more motive to kill the boys now?
(a) Henry
(b) Warwick
(c) Richard
(d) Grant

3. What kinds of birds were on Grant's window?
(a) Robins
(b) Starlings
(c) Pigeons
(d) Sparrows

4. What is the difference between the way Richard and Henry view the boys?
(a) Richard views them as sheep to be slaughtered, Henry sees them as valuable members of the community
(b) Richard would most likely have loved the boys, Henry had no such feelings of kinship to them
(c) Richard views them as his kin, his beloved brothers children, Henry sees them as stumbling blocks and obstacles to keeping his power
(d) Richard views them as stumbling blocks to his power, and Henry sees them as kin

5. Who benefits from the death of the two princes?
(a) Richard III
(b) Henry VII
(c) Brent Carradine III
(d) Richard II

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Grant thinking about when he mentioned the beauty with the gilt hair?

2. Out of those Richard had executed, who was most cherished?

3. What was Richard's first move when Edward died?

4. What did Henry have to do in order to feel all right about murdering someone, in Carradines' words?

5. Who else was rumored to have been killed by Richard?

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