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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were the names of the two boy princes?
(a) Richard and William
(b) Edward and Richard
(c) Edward and Henry
(d) Richard and Henry

2. What does Carradine say most criminals are unable to do?
(a) Go from B to C
(b) Justify their acts to God
(c) Go from A to B
(d) Not get caught

3. Where had the majority of the Royal family gone following Edward's death?
(a) To the funeral and oath of allegiance
(b) Sanctuary at the London Tower
(c) Sanctuary at Westminster
(d) Into sanctuary at York

4. When was the young Prince's coronation set for?
(a) April 23
(b) April 22nd
(c) April 20
(d) April 21

5. How does Grant feel now that he's gotten the facts on paper?
(a) It was a foundation to his thoughts
(b) It was wonderfully clearing to the head
(c) It left him feeling at a loss for the whole case
(d) It was horrible to see all his work let to this little information

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the British public react to the execution of people who fought at Richard III's side?

2. Who were arrested as conspirators?

3. Who was pardoned twice?

4. What are the vast majority of gravestones and monuments in Scotland of people executed for religious beliefs?

5. What happened to the vast majority of the York heirs to the throne?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Henry the Seventh's first action when he came to the throne?

2. What did Richard do on the Fifth of June?

3. What kinds of atrocities did the supposed people of God (Covenanters) commit?

4. What is the difference in previous records of Henry and Richard?

5. When reviewing Thomas More's account of Richard the Third, what problem did Alan come up with?

6. In what ways was Henry VII "sideways as a crab?"

7. What kind of steps would Richard have taken if the rumor about him killing his nephews was a general rumor?

8. Why doesn't Grant write the book on Richard the Third?

9. What led Carradine to believe that Richard wanted to end the feud between the Lancasters and Yorks?

10. What differs in the accounts of how Henry VI's son dies?

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