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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the date that Edward died?
(a) April 23rd, 1482
(b) April 9th, 1483
(c) April 8th, 1483
(d) May 9th, 1483

2. What act was Richard's death warrant?
(a) Letting Lord Hastings go
(b) Pardoning Lord Stanley
(c) Executing Lord Hastings
(d) Executing Lord Stanley

3. What is properly ironic about the covenanters?
(a) They were the scourge of England, and masqueraded as Scottish good gues
(b) They preached the word of god yet disobeyed the commandments
(c) That they were the scourge to Scotland in their time, and became saints and martyrs in ours
(d) They were all bad people pretending to be good people

4. Who is "gunning for" Alan?
(a) Traci Hersting
(b) Sergeant Williams
(c) Alice Shergod
(d) Atlanta Shergold

5. How did the British public react to the execution of people who fought at Richard III's side?
(a) They rioted and stormed the castle
(b) They revolted and refused to pay taxes or work for their Lords
(c) They served him with an order from Parliament that didn't allow it
(d) They killed Henry VII

Short Answer Questions

1. Out of those Richard had executed, who was most cherished?

2. What was the name of Richard's love child?

3. What did Henry have to do in order to feel all right about murdering someone, in Carradines' words?

4. Who was Grant thinking about when he mentioned the beauty with the gilt hair?

5. What does Grant send Brent away to do now?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Henry the Seventh's first action when he came to the throne?

2. In what ways was Henry VII "sideways as a crab?"

3. What was the actual goal of the Covenanters?

4. Why was the pardoning of Lord Stanley the signing of Richard's own death warrant?

5. What did Laura mention about the Martyrs?

6. What was the difference in the Queen Dowager's treatment under Edward and under Henry?

7. What is Brent's message to Alan?

8. What idea makes the whole notion of the murder of his nephews ludicrous?

9. When reviewing Thomas More's account of Richard the Third, what problem did Alan come up with?

10. Why was it important to Morton that Richard be removed from the throne?

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