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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Henry have to do in order to feel all right about murdering someone, in Carradines' words?
(a) Justify it to his priest
(b) Justify it in the eyes of God
(c) Dress it up in legal ribbons
(d) File papers

2. What does Grant wonder about all the history he studied as a boy?
(a) He wonders what the purpose of fabricating history was
(b) He wonders if any of it was real
(c) He marvels at the accuracy of history textbooks
(d) He wonders if it all was Tonypandy

3. How many conspirators were there in the plot to kill King Richard?
(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) One
(d) Four

4. How long after the proclamation was issued was Lord Hastings beheaded?
(a) Seventy-two hours
(b) One week
(c) Twenty-four hours
(d) One month

5. What did the Midget bring him?
(a) Rice pudding
(b) Dinner
(c) Tea and scones
(d) Doughnuts

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the gist of the rumor issued by France?

2. The martyrs that Laura mentions were from ______________.

3. What was Richard's first move when Edward died?

4. What is properly ironic about the covenanters?

5. What did Henry do to Elizabeth Woodville?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is odd about the Tyrrel confession?

2. What did Richard do on the Fifth of June?

3. What is noted about the general reception of Richard taking over as Protector of England?

4. What else troubles Alan regarding the nephews, other than the lack of motive to murder them?

5. What was Henry the Seventh's first action when he came to the throne?

6. What differs in the accounts of how Henry VI's son dies?

7. What idea makes the whole notion of the murder of his nephews ludicrous?

8. What did Laura mention about the Martyrs?

9. What kind of steps would Richard have taken if the rumor about him killing his nephews was a general rumor?

10. What led Carradine to believe that Richard wanted to end the feud between the Lancasters and Yorks?

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