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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the most beautiful sight that gladdened Grant's eyes for a long time'?
(a) The Midget being meek
(b) The Midget doing a dance
(c) Lillies of the Valley
(d) Scores of musical literature

2. Who does Grant find in the middle of the room when he looks up from his book?
(a) Marta
(b) The Amazon
(c) The Matron
(d) The Midget

3. Where did Marta get all the engravings and pictures?
(a) From Jerry
(b) From James
(c) From Jessie
(d) From John

4. What does Marta say about Brent upon her leaving?
(a) That he has usurped her favor in Grant's eyes
(b) "Now that he's here, I better be going"
(c) That he is a much more welcome visitor than she nowadays
(d) He is possessed of strong sorcery to win over Grants favor

5. Who was Edward's mistress?
(a) Jane More
(b) Susan Cherie
(c) Dahlia Happer
(d) Jane Shore

Short Answer Questions

1. What was it that he felt Old England had going for it?

2. How did Grant feel upon finding out this information?

3. Who did Marta send?

4. What color was the second visitor wearing?

5. What does the Midget suggest he do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Richard notice when he had ridden into the shadow of the Keep?

2. Who was King Richard the Third rumored to have killed and why?

3. What did Richard do to his mother?

4. How does the Matron feel about King Richard III?

5. What did this information do to Grant's opinion of More, and to his recovery?

6. What arguments support the opinion that Richard Plantagenet and Cicely Nevill had a loving marriage?

7. What is most interesting about Henry's Bill of Attainder?

8. What puzzles Grant about what he is learning about Richard the Third's fall from grace?

9. What kind of England existed in the days of the Wars of the Roses?

10. Who does the Midget compare Richard III to and what similarities does that person possess as well?

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