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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mrs. Tinker bring Grant?
(a) Crumpets
(b) Fresh scones
(c) Fresh pajamas
(d) Tea

2. What does Marta say about Brent upon her leaving?
(a) He is possessed of strong sorcery to win over Grants favor
(b) That he has usurped her favor in Grant's eyes
(c) "Now that he's here, I better be going"
(d) That he is a much more welcome visitor than she nowadays

3. Who does Grant find in the middle of the room when he looks up from his book?
(a) The Amazon
(b) Marta
(c) The Midget
(d) The Matron

4. When did Tyrell confess and hanged for the crime of killing the princes?
(a) 1495, ten years after Richard's death
(b) 1502, nearly twenty years after Richard's death
(c) 1503
(d) 1510

5. Who did Marta send?
(a) Derrick Jones
(b) Fredrick Sorren
(c) Brent Carradine
(d) Scott Calay

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Grant view Thomas More after finding this out?

2. What did Grant take a delight in?

3. At approximately what time did the parcel from Marta arrive?

4. Who ended up being the refugees in question mentioned?

5. Who was the Amazon's hero?

Short Essay Questions

1. What enrages Alan Grant about Sir Thomas More?

2. How does Grant recognize his first visitor, and who does he think she is?

3. How does Brent strike Grant?

4. Who was John Morton and why is he an important person?

5. What did Grant first think about when he saw Richard the Third's face?

6. How does the Matron feel about King Richard III?

7. What arguments support the opinion that Richard Plantagenet and Cicely Nevill had a loving marriage?

8. What made the mystery for Richard the Third?

9. What did Richard do to his mother?

10. Who does the Midget compare Richard III to and what similarities does that person possess as well?

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