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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Grant this time?
(a) Officer Williams
(b) Sergeant Williams
(c) The Amazon
(d) Corporal Willard

2. Who did Cicely lose that December morning in London and would never see again?
(a) Her husband, her brother and her son
(b) Her sister, her son, and her husband
(c) Her son, her brother and her uncle
(d) Her sister, her husband and her brother

3. What kind of match were Richard Plantagenet and Cicely Nevill?
(a) A loveless marriage
(b) A marriage of convenience
(c) An arranged marriage
(d) A love match

4. What does Marta know about Henry the Seventh?
(a) He was fantastically rich and fantastically mean
(b) He was violent and cruel
(c) He was a brilliant general and administrator
(d) He had an iron stomach and a heart to match

5. What was the characteristic that had led Grant to identify the criminal in the lineup?
(a) The way his hair was brushed
(b) His shifty eyes
(c) His evil sneer
(d) The lines on his face

Short Answer Questions

1. At approximately what time did the parcel from Marta arrive?

2. How does the Midget say Richard killed his nephews?

3. What kind of work was Rose of Raby?

4. Who does Grant find in the middle of the room when he looks up from his book?

5. Whose account of history does the Amazon take her information from?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the difference between what moves a person's heart and news?

2. How does Grant feel about Sir Thomas More's writings about Richard the Third?

3. How does Brent strike Grant?

4. What happened to Lord Hastings?

5. What arguments support the opinion that Richard Plantagenet and Cicely Nevill had a loving marriage?

6. What did Grant first think about when he saw Richard the Third's face?

7. How does Grant recognize his first visitor, and who does he think she is?

8. Why doesn't Grant want to read?

9. What has Grant found in the ceiling?

10. What did Grant provide Mrs. Tinker with, and what did he never see?

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