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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a dragoon?
(a) A law official
(b) A policeman
(c) A criminal
(d) An executioner

2. Who is "gunning for" Alan?
(a) Traci Hersting
(b) Alice Shergod
(c) Atlanta Shergold
(d) Sergeant Williams

3. Who were arrested as conspirators?
(a) Lord Stanley, Lord Hastings and John Morton
(b) Lord Morton, John Stanley, and Lord Hastings
(c) Lord Morton, John Hastings and Lord Stanley
(d) Lord Hastings, Jerry Stanley, and John Morton

4. Who was the Bishop?
(a) Lord Chancellor and Privy Seal
(b) Lord Chancellor
(c) Privy Seal
(d) A priest of the catholic church

5. What does Carradine believe was Richard's ambition?
(a) To keep the crown for himself and no one else
(b) To destroy anyone in between him and the crown
(c) To live forever
(d) To put an end to the York-Lancaster fight for good

6. How many conspirators were there in the plot to kill King Richard?
(a) Two
(b) One
(c) Three
(d) Four

7. What does Grant wonder about all the history he studied as a boy?
(a) He marvels at the accuracy of history textbooks
(b) He wonders if any of it was real
(c) He wonders what the purpose of fabricating history was
(d) He wonders if it all was Tonypandy

8. What is wrong with this theory?
(a) Henry thought he had enough against Richard
(b) Henry bore no love for Richards family
(c) Henry was not of the Plantagenet family line; he was Tudor
(d) Henry himself had the princes killed

9. How old was Richard when Edward was married to Eleanor?
(a) Nine or ten
(b) Eleven or twelve
(c) Ten or eleven
(d) Twelve or thirteen

10. Who has more motive to kill the boys now?
(a) Richard
(b) Grant
(c) Warwick
(d) Henry

11. What is properly ironic about the covenanters?
(a) They were the scourge of England, and masqueraded as Scottish good gues
(b) They were all bad people pretending to be good people
(c) That they were the scourge to Scotland in their time, and became saints and martyrs in ours
(d) They preached the word of god yet disobeyed the commandments

12. What sex were the martyrs?
(a) Male
(b) One female, one male
(c) Two males
(d) Female

13. What did Richard stand to gain by releasing Jane Shore, a conspirator, in a plot to murder him?
(a) Further standing in the Lancaster clan
(b) Nothing
(c) Increased popularity of the people
(d) Further standing in the Woodville clan

14. Where does Marta think you would have to go to find someone who would be friends with the man who killed their sons?
(a) Ancient Egypt, only in insanity
(b) Ancient India
(c) Ancient Rome
(d) Ancient Greece, only in insanity

15. What did Grant do in order to keep himself from arguing a biased side in Richard's favor?
(a) He found reasons to dislike Richard
(b) He put the book down and talked to more people who didn't like him
(c) He became the prosecutor
(d) He refused to study his doings any more

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Alan reminded of after he receives the message from Carradine?

2. Who arrived when Brent left?

3. What does Grant send Brent away to do now?

4. What happened to Dighton (one of the two conspirators in the boy princes' deaths)?

5. Out of those Richard had executed, who was most cherished?

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