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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long after the proclamation was issued was Lord Hastings beheaded?
(a) One week
(b) Seventy-two hours
(c) Twenty-four hours
(d) One month

2. Where do people stand on soap boxes to speak of things of little consequence that few believe?
(a) Agate Arch
(b) Rose Arch
(c) Marble Arch
(d) Slate Arch

3. What were the names of the two boy princes?
(a) Richard and William
(b) Edward and Richard
(c) Edward and Henry
(d) Richard and Henry

4. How did the British public react to the execution of people who fought at Richard III's side?
(a) They killed Henry VII
(b) They revolted and refused to pay taxes or work for their Lords
(c) They served him with an order from Parliament that didn't allow it
(d) They rioted and stormed the castle

5. When was Tyrrel's confession made?
(a) Before his trial
(b) During his trial
(c) On the way to the chopping block
(d) After he was dead

6. What are the vast majority of gravestones and monuments in Scotland of people executed for religious beliefs?
(a) Reminders of how bad things can be for the religious communities
(b) Accurate portrayals of historical tragedies
(c) False history, or hogwash
(d) False history, or tonypandy

7. Who does Grant think of when he hears about Croyland Abbey?
(a) George
(b) Morton
(c) Ely
(d) Edward

8. How old was Richard when Edward was married to Eleanor?
(a) Twelve or thirteen
(b) Eleven or twelve
(c) Ten or eleven
(d) Nine or ten

9. What was the name of Richard's love child?
(a) Paul of Wales
(b) John of Gloucester
(c) Mark of Middleton
(d) George of York

10. Who had a place of honor at Richard's coronation?
(a) Jane Shore
(b) Lady Stanley
(c) Lord Stanley
(d) Jane Stanley

11. What did Carradine find out about the heirs to Richard's throne?
(a) They all outlived him and were well cared for
(b) They were all happy and glad for Henry's takeover
(c) They were all part and party to Richard's downfall
(d) They all died during Henry VII's reign

12. How does Carradine's face react at the mention of Thomas More?
(a) He looks angry
(b) He looks sad
(c) He looks nauseated
(d) He looks indifferent

13. Where was Richard the day that Edward died?
(a) In York
(b) On the border of Scotland
(c) In London
(d) In Wales

14. Who sent Alan a letter?
(a) Laura
(b) Carradine
(c) Sergeant Williams
(d) Marta

15. How many men did Rivers set out with?
(a) Fifteen hundred
(b) Eighteen hundred
(c) Three thousand
(d) Two thousand

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Richard's mother?

2. What was the date that Edward died?

3. What does Carradine want to do?

4. What was Richard's first move when Edward died?

5. What happened to the vast majority of the York heirs to the throne?

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