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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Grant forget to inquire about?
(a) The boy princes
(b) Henry
(c) Stillington
(d) Queen Elizabeth

2. The martyrs that Laura mentions were from ______________.
(a) Scotland
(b) England
(c) France
(d) Belgium

3. Who was the IRA financed by?
(a) Belgium
(b) The Catholic church
(c) Scotland
(d) Holland

4. Who had a place of honor at Richard's coronation?
(a) Lady Stanley
(b) Lord Stanley
(c) Jane Stanley
(d) Jane Shore

5. What is the difference between the way Richard and Henry view the boys?
(a) Richard would most likely have loved the boys, Henry had no such feelings of kinship to them
(b) Richard views them as his kin, his beloved brothers children, Henry sees them as stumbling blocks and obstacles to keeping his power
(c) Richard views them as stumbling blocks to his power, and Henry sees them as kin
(d) Richard views them as sheep to be slaughtered, Henry sees them as valuable members of the community

6. What is Alan reminded of after he receives the message from Carradine?
(a) The death of the nephews
(b) The account of the scene made in the Tower regarding Jane Shore
(c) The life of Richards' surviving mistresses/wife
(d) How medieval proceedings were in Richard's time

7. Where did Richard take the young prince?
(a) To the Bishop's Palace in St. Paul's Churchyard
(b) To the Duke of Essex's place in Kent
(c) Richard took the young prince with him where ever he went
(d) To the Duchess of Burgandy's palace

8. What was the name of Richard's love child?
(a) George of York
(b) Mark of Middleton
(c) John of Gloucester
(d) Paul of Wales

9. Which animal was Henry VII compared to?
(a) A crab
(b) A lion
(c) A tiger
(d) A snake

10. What sex were the martyrs?
(a) One female, one male
(b) Two males
(c) Male
(d) Female

11. What is wrong with this theory?
(a) Henry bore no love for Richards family
(b) Henry was not of the Plantagenet family line; he was Tudor
(c) Henry himself had the princes killed
(d) Henry thought he had enough against Richard

12. What is the surgeon's explanation for the lack of mention of the princes' disappearances?
(a) The princes must still have been alive
(b) That he had no idea about the princes yet and neither did anyone else
(c) That these kinds of accusations are made behind closed doors, not in public
(d) That they wanted to keep it quiet for the sake of the family

13. What does Carradine want to do?
(a) Go to the press and demand they help him clear Richard the III in history books
(b) Drop the research on Richard and go back to the peasants
(c) Write a book about his findings about Richard the III
(d) Drop the research permanently on the peasants and win the respect of his peers

14. What kinds of birds were on Grant's window?
(a) Sparrows
(b) Robins
(c) Starlings
(d) Pigeons

15. Who benefits from the death of the two princes?
(a) Brent Carradine III
(b) Henry VII
(c) Richard III
(d) Richard II

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the British public react to the execution of people who fought at Richard III's side?

2. What was Tyrrel's full name?

3. What did Henry have to do in order to feel all right about murdering someone, in Carradines' words?

4. What act was Richard's death warrant?

5. How long after the proclamation was issued was Lord Hastings beheaded?

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