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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was the young Prince's coronation set for?
(a) April 23
(b) April 22nd
(c) April 20
(d) April 21

2. What kind of bun did the Amazon bring Alan?
(a) Dinner roll
(b) Rock bun
(c) Sourdough bun
(d) Wheat bun

3. What is the major problem with the tale of the martyrs?
(a) Many denied it happening, and even twenty years later no eyewitnesses at all
(b) Those women were killed for treason
(c) The woman lived for another forty years after this incident
(d) Those women never existed

4. Thomas More's account said that Edward was previously married to whom?
(a) Lucille Elizabeth
(b) Susan Shanon
(c) Lucy Elizabeth
(d) Elizabeth Lucy

5. What did Carradine find out about the heirs to Richard's throne?
(a) They were all part and party to Richard's downfall
(b) They all outlived him and were well cared for
(c) They were all happy and glad for Henry's takeover
(d) They all died during Henry VII's reign

6. What did the Bishop tell the council on the eighth of June?
(a) Edward was not the rightful king
(b) Edward was never married to the princes' mother
(c) Edward was previously married to someone else before his child was born
(d) Edward had another son

7. What does Carradine believe was Richard's ambition?
(a) To put an end to the York-Lancaster fight for good
(b) To keep the crown for himself and no one else
(c) To destroy anyone in between him and the crown
(d) To live forever

8. Who else was rumored to have been killed by Richard?
(a) Henry the Seventh's son
(b) Edward
(c) Edward's two sons
(d) Henry the Sixth's only son

9. Who has more motive to kill the boys now?
(a) Richard
(b) Henry
(c) Grant
(d) Warwick

10. Who had the ability to blow the Act of Titulus Regius to pieces and out to public again?
(a) Lady Butler
(b) Richard
(c) Eleanor Quibb
(d) Stillington

11. What did Henry do to Elizabeth Woodville?
(a) Stripped her of her title/inheritance and shut her in a convent
(b) Stripped her of her clothes and title and shut her up in France
(c) Stripped her of her title/inheritance, and sent her off to France
(d) Humiliated her

12. What is wrong with this theory?
(a) Henry himself had the princes killed
(b) Henry thought he had enough against Richard
(c) Henry was not of the Plantagenet family line; he was Tudor
(d) Henry bore no love for Richards family

13. What time did Grant believe he would sleep to?
(a) Seven
(b) Five
(c) Eight
(d) Six

14. How old was Richard when Edward was married to Eleanor?
(a) Twelve or thirteen
(b) Ten or eleven
(c) Eleven or twelve
(d) Nine or ten

15. What is a dragoon?
(a) A law official
(b) A policeman
(c) An executioner
(d) A criminal

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Grant forget to inquire about?

2. What did Richard stand to gain by releasing Jane Shore, a conspirator, in a plot to murder him?

3. Who was pardoned twice?

4. Who were arrested as conspirators?

5. What happened to the vast majority of the York heirs to the throne?

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