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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Carradine say most criminals are unable to do?
(a) Go from A to B
(b) Not get caught
(c) Go from B to C
(d) Justify their acts to God

2. When was the young Prince's coronation set for?
(a) April 23
(b) April 21
(c) April 20
(d) April 22nd

3. When did the younger boy join his brother?
(a) June 18th
(b) June 16th
(c) May 12th
(d) May 14th

4. Who did Grant forget to inquire about?
(a) The boy princes
(b) Stillington
(c) Queen Elizabeth
(d) Henry

5. What is the surgeon's explanation for the lack of mention of the princes' disappearances?
(a) That they wanted to keep it quiet for the sake of the family
(b) The princes must still have been alive
(c) That these kinds of accusations are made behind closed doors, not in public
(d) That he had no idea about the princes yet and neither did anyone else

6. Who arrived when Brent left?
(a) Sergeant Williams
(b) Marta
(c) The Matron
(d) The Amazon

7. Out of those Richard had executed, who was most cherished?
(a) Lord Stanley
(b) Lord Hastings
(c) Joan Rivers
(d) John Rivers

8. How did the British public react to the execution of people who fought at Richard III's side?
(a) They revolted and refused to pay taxes or work for their Lords
(b) They rioted and stormed the castle
(c) They killed Henry VII
(d) They served him with an order from Parliament that didn't allow it

9. What did Richard stand to gain by releasing Jane Shore, a conspirator, in a plot to murder him?
(a) Nothing
(b) Increased popularity of the people
(c) Further standing in the Lancaster clan
(d) Further standing in the Woodville clan

10. Where did Richard take the young prince?
(a) To the Duke of Essex's place in Kent
(b) To the Bishop's Palace in St. Paul's Churchyard
(c) To the Duchess of Burgandy's palace
(d) Richard took the young prince with him where ever he went

11. When was Tyrrel's confession made?
(a) Before his trial
(b) After he was dead
(c) During his trial
(d) On the way to the chopping block

12. Who was the Bishop?
(a) A priest of the catholic church
(b) Lord Chancellor and Privy Seal
(c) Privy Seal
(d) Lord Chancellor

13. What happened to the vast majority of the York heirs to the throne?
(a) They were judicially murdered
(b) They lived out their lives
(c) They overthrew Henry
(d) They all died suspiciously

14. How old was Richard when Edward was married to Eleanor?
(a) Nine or ten
(b) Eleven or twelve
(c) Twelve or thirteen
(d) Ten or eleven

15. What is Alan reminded of after he receives the message from Carradine?
(a) How medieval proceedings were in Richard's time
(b) The life of Richards' surviving mistresses/wife
(c) The death of the nephews
(d) The account of the scene made in the Tower regarding Jane Shore

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Dighton (one of the two conspirators in the boy princes' deaths)?

2. Who does Grant think of when he hears about Croyland Abbey?

3. Who was pardoned twice?

4. What is the difference between the way Richard and Henry view the boys?

5. How long after the proclamation was issued was Lord Hastings beheaded?

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