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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the only thing Mrs. Tinker read in the newspapers?
(a) Political articles
(b) Sports articles
(c) Murder cases
(d) Human interest stories

2. Who was Edward's mistress?
(a) Jane Shore
(b) Susan Cherie
(c) Jane More
(d) Dahlia Happer

3. At approximately what time did the parcel from Marta arrive?
(a) One
(b) Eleven
(c) Ten
(d) Twelve

4. Who had no recollection of anything he did until he was halfway through the act?
(a) Jerry
(b) Jessie
(c) Jeffrey
(d) Geoffrey

5. Who did Dr. Shaw claim were illegitimate sons of the Duke and Duchess of York?
(a) Edmund and Edward
(b) Edward and George
(c) George and Edmund
(d) Richard and Edward

6. Who comes to visit Grant in the hospital?
(a) Marsha
(b) Marta
(c) Mary
(d) Martha

7. Who was Grant chasing?
(a) Jenny
(b) Johnny
(c) Benny
(d) Barry

8. How does Grant describe the way stars affect a person?
(a) They make one lose themselves
(b) They reduce his status to an amoeba, take the last vestige of human pride and confidence
(c) They make them feel omnipotent and all powerful, in awe of the world at the same time
(d) They make him feel unimportant, and useless in the universe

9. How did the Amazon react to Grant's ferocity?
(a) As though she might rip his head off
(b) Totally ashamed of her opinion on More
(c) As though she might cry
(d) Completely hurt

10. What had Grant given Mrs. Tinker every year for Christmas?
(a) A gift card to Boots
(b) A new leather handbag
(c) Scented bath soaps
(d) A gift card to Marks and Spencers

11. Who actually killed the two boys?
(a) Dighton and Forrest
(b) Diteon and Fredrich
(c) Dwight and Frank
(d) Darcy and Forrest

12. What does Grant ask of the officer when he leaves?
(a) To pick him up two books, an adult history of England and a Life of Richard III
(b) To summon the nurses
(c) To send the Superintendent to see him
(d) So send anyone from the Yard who knows information about Richard

13. What does Grant say of Sir Thomas More now?
(a) That he is a fraud
(b) That Sir Thomas knows nothing
(c) That Sir Thomas More is nothing but a gossip
(d) That Sir Thomas is a liar

14. What does Grant find out when reviewing a preface on Thomas' life?
(a) Thomas wasn't even alive during Richard's reign
(b) Thomas had a compulsion to manipulate information
(c) Thomas was eight when Richard died; information wasn't accurate
(d) Thomas would have been beheaded if he portrayed Richard in a good light

15. What did the two visitors talk about?
(a) What Grant should do to keep himself occupied
(b) The state of affairs in the house
(c) The Bible and scripture
(d) Grants' condition

Short Answer Questions

1. Grant picks up an engraving of a portrait. Who does it belong to?

2. What did he suggest was the motive of Richard III to kill the boys?

3. Who really outfitted the ships with Margaret's money?

4. What information does the his new visitor give him about Richard III?

5. What makes Mrs. Tinker think that Grant is unwell?

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