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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Edmund when he went off to campaign?
(a) Nineteen
(b) Seventeen
(c) Sixteen
(d) Eighteen

2. Who visits Grant this time?
(a) Officer Williams
(b) Corporal Willard
(c) The Amazon
(d) Sergeant Williams

3. What contemporary city map picture was bisected by a great fire?
(a) New Westminster
(b) London
(c) Moscow
(d) San Francisco

4. Who really outfitted the ships with Margaret's money?
(a) Edward
(b) Edmund
(c) Richard
(d) George

5. Who had no recollection of anything he did until he was halfway through the act?
(a) Jessie
(b) Jerry
(c) Jeffrey
(d) Geoffrey

6. What thought startled Grant awake?
(a) That Sir Thomas More had his knighting revoked
(b) That Sir Thomas More belonged to the reign of Henry the Eighth
(c) That Sir Thomas More was hanged for treason
(d) That Sir Thomas More hated Richard the third

7. What was the most beautiful sight that gladdened Grant's eyes for a long time'?
(a) Lillies of the Valley
(b) The Midget doing a dance
(c) Scores of musical literature
(d) The Midget being meek

8. What had Grant given Mrs. Tinker every year for Christmas?
(a) Scented bath soaps
(b) A new leather handbag
(c) A gift card to Boots
(d) A gift card to Marks and Spencers

9. What historical figure does his visitor like?
(a) Sir Winston Churchill
(b) Pliny the younger
(c) Mary, Queen of Scots
(d) Elizabeth, Queen of Britain

10. What drove the two boys apart eventually?
(a) Their mother
(b) Their sister
(c) The crown
(d) A woman

11. Where was Marta headed when she went to visit Grant?
(a) To the matinee
(b) To the seaside
(c) To the quay
(d) To her mothers

12. What does the text of Sir Thomas lean towards?
(a) Richard the Third's guilt for the murders
(b) He gives a factual account of the events that occurred without bias
(c) Richard the Third's innocence
(d) He leans to nothing but presents facts and lets the reader decide

13. Who ended up being the refugees in question mentioned?
(a) Egor, and Richard
(b) Siskel and Ebert
(c) Edward V, and his brother Raymond
(d) Edward IV, and his brother Richard

14. How did the print of Sir Thomas More's account of Richard the Third strike Grant?
(a) Grant found it to be childishly written and un-intimidating
(b) Grant found it to appear unexciting and large paragraphs intimidating
(c) Grant found it to appear largely uninformative and intimidating
(d) Grant found it a more to the point account and engrossing

15. Who was the Amazon's hero?
(a) Edward the Eighth
(b) Queen Elizabeth
(c) Richard the Lionheart
(d) King George

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Grant describe the book Marta gave him?

2. What did Mrs. Tinker bring Grant?

3. Where did Marta get all the engravings and pictures?

4. What does Grant hate the sight of?

5. What does Grant ask of the officer when he leaves?

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