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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grant hate the sight of?
(a) The needles
(b) The ceiling
(c) The nurses
(d) His injuries

2. How did Grant view Thomas More after finding this out?
(a) As though he is washed out, cancelled and deleted
(b) As though he is the foremost source of information on Richard III
(c) As an admirable historian reporting on something he knew nothing about
(d) As a weak kneed man who shouldn't have reported heresay information as factual

3. What turns out to be a myth of Richard the Third?
(a) Both his hunchback and deformed hand
(b) The account of Sir Thomas More
(c) The murder of his nephews
(d) His pets being heirs to the family fortunes

4. Who does the second visitor refer to as a hussy?
(a) The Midget
(b) Mrs. Villiente
(c) Mrs. Martha
(d) Mrs. Marta

5. What kind of work was Rose of Raby?
(a) Fiction
(b) Non-Fiction
(c) Romance
(d) Science Fiction

6. How does the Midget feel about Richard the Third's face?
(a) She likes it
(b) She hates it
(c) She thinks its charming
(d) It gives her the willies

7. What thought startled Grant awake?
(a) That Sir Thomas More hated Richard the third
(b) That Sir Thomas More belonged to the reign of Henry the Eighth
(c) That Sir Thomas More had his knighting revoked
(d) That Sir Thomas More was hanged for treason

8. Who were the Cat and the Rat?
(a) Richard's pets
(b) William Catesby and Richard Ratcliffe
(c) Bill Catsburg and Detective Rattitoule
(d) The two prince's pets

9. At approximately what time did the parcel from Marta arrive?
(a) Twelve
(b) Ten
(c) One
(d) Eleven

10. What was different about Richard?
(a) He was always very shy
(b) He had dark hair in a family of blondes
(c) He was extremely rebellious
(d) He was brooding and dark

11. What does Grant find out when reviewing a preface on Thomas' life?
(a) Thomas would have been beheaded if he portrayed Richard in a good light
(b) Thomas had a compulsion to manipulate information
(c) Thomas wasn't even alive during Richard's reign
(d) Thomas was eight when Richard died; information wasn't accurate

12. What did he suggest was the motive of Richard III to kill the boys?
(a) Hatred of children
(b) Hatred of their mother
(c) Envy of his older brother
(d) Hatred of himself

13. What was it that he felt Old England had going for it?
(a) That kings came and kings went
(b) That the church was always behind the scenes
(c) That they frequently went to war
(d) That there was a great social network

14. What contemporary city map picture was bisected by a great fire?
(a) New Westminster
(b) Moscow
(c) San Francisco
(d) London

15. What does the Midget suggest he do?
(a) Watch television
(b) Play video games
(c) Listen to his iPod
(d) Read the expensive books his friends keep bringing him

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Amazon react to Grant's ferocity?

2. How does the Midget feel about Richard?

3. Who comes to visit Grant in the hospital?

4. Who visits Grant this time?

5. What did Edward pay the captain as fare?

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