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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Midget suggest he do?
(a) Listen to his iPod
(b) Watch television
(c) Play video games
(d) Read the expensive books his friends keep bringing him

2. What color was the second visitor wearing?
(a) Me Blue
(b) You yellow
(c) Me green
(d) Me Red

3. How does Grant describe the way stars affect a person?
(a) They reduce his status to an amoeba, take the last vestige of human pride and confidence
(b) They make them feel omnipotent and all powerful, in awe of the world at the same time
(c) They make one lose themselves
(d) They make him feel unimportant, and useless in the universe

4. What was the most beautiful sight that gladdened Grant's eyes for a long time'?
(a) The Midget doing a dance
(b) Lillies of the Valley
(c) Scores of musical literature
(d) The Midget being meek

5. Who did Marta send?
(a) Derrick Jones
(b) Brent Carradine
(c) Scott Calay
(d) Fredrick Sorren

6. Who does his visitor recommend as a leading historian of Richard III's time?
(a) Sir Cuthbert
(b) Sir Jericho
(c) Sir Wallace
(d) Sir William

7. What does Marta think of Brent's relationship with Atlanta?
(a) That they are complete opposites and always fighting
(b) That they are doomed as a couple
(c) That they are in the beginning flush of love
(d) That they are really sweet together, more like twins than lovers

8. Who really outfitted the ships with Margaret's money?
(a) Edmund
(b) Richard
(c) Edward
(d) George

9. Who does Mrs. Tinker blame for the deaths of the Princes?
(a) Richard the Third
(b) Frances
(c) Tyrrel
(d) Edward the IV

10. What turns out to be a myth of Richard the Third?
(a) The murder of his nephews
(b) The account of Sir Thomas More
(c) His pets being heirs to the family fortunes
(d) Both his hunchback and deformed hand

11. Who's side of history was Oliphant on?
(a) He was unbiased
(b) The Tudors
(c) The Lancastrian
(d) The York

12. What did Brent find out that ticked Richard off about his brother?
(a) He accepted a large bribe to make dishonorable peace in France
(b) He hit their mother
(c) He accepted a large bribe to make peace in Scotland
(d) He beat his wife

13. When Grant says no to researching the first historical figure, who else does his visitor suggest?
(a) The Man in the Iron Mask
(b) Plato
(c) Hippocrates
(d) Aristotle

14. What is the last thing the Midget suggests Grant should do?
(a) Ponder philosophy and the human condition
(b) Take up knitting
(c) Wage war on the orderlies
(d) Get in a wheelchair and go outside

15. What was Richard's opinion of his brother?
(a) He'd gone batty
(b) He'd gone mad
(c) He was possessed
(d) He was bewitched

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Sir Thomas More get his account of Richard III?

2. How does the Midget say Richard killed his nephews?

3. How does Marta describe the book Brent left?

4. Who was the man in velvet and pearls?

5. Who ended up being the refugees in question mentioned?

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