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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who returned after lunch and what was he/she carrying?
(a) Marta with a cake
(b) Sergeant Williams with two fat books
(c) The Amazon with a needle of sedative
(d) The Midget with an extra pillow

2. How does the Midget say Richard killed his nephews?
(a) Slipped poison into their food
(b) Smothered them with pillows
(c) Stabbed them to death
(d) Hung them by the neck

3. What color was the second visitor wearing?
(a) Me Blue
(b) Me Red
(c) Me green
(d) You yellow

4. What color was one of the objects brought?
(a) Ruby red
(b) Sky blue
(c) Sunset pink
(d) Sage green

5. At approximately what time did the parcel from Marta arrive?
(a) Ten
(b) Twelve
(c) One
(d) Eleven

6. What did he suggest was the motive of Richard III to kill the boys?
(a) Hatred of children
(b) Envy of his older brother
(c) Hatred of himself
(d) Hatred of their mother

7. What was the most beautiful sight that gladdened Grant's eyes for a long time'?
(a) The Midget being meek
(b) Scores of musical literature
(c) Lillies of the Valley
(d) The Midget doing a dance

8. How was Richard described?
(a) As someone who 'looked like a visitor' and the 'changeling'
(b) Eyes too close together, he was 'shifty' and had an 'irrepressible influence'
(c) He looked like an 'illegitimate child' and a 'stranger in the home'
(d) As someone who 'looked like a social outcast' and local 'character'

9. Grant picks up an engraving of a portrait. Who does it belong to?
(a) Lacy Borgia
(b) Lucilla Bourgois
(c) Lucy Beatty
(d) Lucrezia Borgia

10. What diagnosis did the Midget give Richard the Third before knowing who he was?
(a) Poliomyelitis
(b) Down Syndrome
(c) Leprosy
(d) Cancerous

11. How did Grant feel upon finding out this information?
(a) Enlightened
(b) Disgusted
(c) Disappointed
(d) Enraged

12. What makes Mrs. Tinker think that Grant is unwell?
(a) He looks a little pale
(b) He hasn't read the paper
(c) He hasn't touched his scones
(d) He hasn't drank his tea

13. What turns out to be a myth of Richard the Third?
(a) The account of Sir Thomas More
(b) The murder of his nephews
(c) Both his hunchback and deformed hand
(d) His pets being heirs to the family fortunes

14. What does the text of Sir Thomas lean towards?
(a) Richard the Third's innocence
(b) He leans to nothing but presents facts and lets the reader decide
(c) Richard the Third's guilt for the murders
(d) He gives a factual account of the events that occurred without bias

15. Who did Richard challenge in front of the council before he claimed the crown?
(a) George
(b) Hastings
(c) William
(d) Cambie

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the last thing the Midget suggests Grant should do?

2. How did the print of Sir Thomas More's account of Richard the Third strike Grant?

3. Who really outfitted the ships with Margaret's money?

4. Who is the second visitor?

5. How old was Edward while leading an army?

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