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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the most beautiful sight that gladdened Grant's eyes for a long time'?
(a) Scores of musical literature
(b) Lillies of the Valley
(c) The Midget doing a dance
(d) The Midget being meek

2. Whose account of history does the Amazon take her information from?
(a) Sir James Tyres Time That's Passed
(b) Funk and Wagnells Encyclopedia
(c) Her history professor at school
(d) Sir Thomas More's History of Time

3. Who ended up being the refugees in question mentioned?
(a) Egor, and Richard
(b) Edward V, and his brother Raymond
(c) Edward IV, and his brother Richard
(d) Siskel and Ebert

4. Who is the second visitor?
(a) Mr. Osbuld
(b) Mrs. Tinker
(c) Mrs. Tracker
(d) Miss Tucker

5. Who does Mrs. Tinker blame for the deaths of the Princes?
(a) Tyrrel
(b) Frances
(c) Richard the Third
(d) Edward the IV

6. What does Grant hate the sight of?
(a) The ceiling
(b) The needles
(c) His injuries
(d) The nurses

7. What kind of work was Rose of Raby?
(a) Romance
(b) Science Fiction
(c) Fiction
(d) Non-Fiction

8. What diagnosis did the Midget give Richard the Third before knowing who he was?
(a) Down Syndrome
(b) Cancerous
(c) Leprosy
(d) Poliomyelitis

9. Who was Grant chasing?
(a) Johnny
(b) Benny
(c) Barry
(d) Jenny

10. How does the Midget feel about Richard the Third's face?
(a) She likes it
(b) It gives her the willies
(c) She hates it
(d) She thinks its charming

11. Who was the person in the picture Grant describes as a monster of nursery stories?
(a) Prince Charles
(b) Henry the Fifth
(c) Richard the Third
(d) Jack the Ripper

12. What did Brent find out that ticked Richard off about his brother?
(a) He accepted a large bribe to make dishonorable peace in France
(b) He accepted a large bribe to make peace in Scotland
(c) He beat his wife
(d) He hit their mother

13. Where would Williams put Richard the Third?
(a) On the wall
(b) On the dock
(c) In prison
(d) On the bench

14. What does Marta think of Brent's relationship with Atlanta?
(a) That they are really sweet together, more like twins than lovers
(b) That they are complete opposites and always fighting
(c) That they are doomed as a couple
(d) That they are in the beginning flush of love

15. Who were the Cat and the Rat?
(a) Richard's pets
(b) Bill Catsburg and Detective Rattitoule
(c) William Catesby and Richard Ratcliffe
(d) The two prince's pets

Short Answer Questions

1. When Grant says no to researching the first historical figure, who else does his visitor suggest?

2. How did Grant view Thomas More after finding this out?

3. What makes Mrs. Tinker think that Grant is unwell?

4. Who does his visitor recommend as a leading historian of Richard III's time?

5. Who's side of history was Oliphant on?

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