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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Richard challenge in front of the council before he claimed the crown?
(a) William
(b) George
(c) Cambie
(d) Hastings

2. What does Marta think of Brent's relationship with Atlanta?
(a) That they are in the beginning flush of love
(b) That they are doomed as a couple
(c) That they are really sweet together, more like twins than lovers
(d) That they are complete opposites and always fighting

3. How did Edward run England?
(a) Distractedly and as though he was always somewhere else
(b) Competently and forthright
(c) With a despotic power and light hand
(d) With a regrettable forgetfulness and irresponsibility

4. What did Mrs. Tinker bring Grant?
(a) Fresh scones
(b) Crumpets
(c) Fresh pajamas
(d) Tea

5. Who did Dr. Shaw claim were illegitimate sons of the Duke and Duchess of York?
(a) Edmund and Edward
(b) George and Edmund
(c) Edward and George
(d) Richard and Edward

6. When did Tyrell confess and hanged for the crime of killing the princes?
(a) 1503
(b) 1510
(c) 1495, ten years after Richard's death
(d) 1502, nearly twenty years after Richard's death

7. How did the Amazon react to Grant's ferocity?
(a) As though she might cry
(b) As though she might rip his head off
(c) Completely hurt
(d) Totally ashamed of her opinion on More

8. What color was one of the objects brought?
(a) Sunset pink
(b) Sage green
(c) Sky blue
(d) Ruby red

9. Who was the person in the picture Grant describes as a monster of nursery stories?
(a) Richard the Third
(b) Jack the Ripper
(c) Henry the Fifth
(d) Prince Charles

10. What was different about Richard?
(a) He was always very shy
(b) He had dark hair in a family of blondes
(c) He was extremely rebellious
(d) He was brooding and dark

11. What was it that he felt Old England had going for it?
(a) That there was a great social network
(b) That they frequently went to war
(c) That kings came and kings went
(d) That the church was always behind the scenes

12. Who was the man in velvet and pearls?
(a) The Prince of Persia
(b) The Duke of Earl
(c) The Earl of Leicester
(d) King Henry the VIII

13. What did he suggest was the motive of Richard III to kill the boys?
(a) Hatred of himself
(b) Envy of his older brother
(c) Hatred of children
(d) Hatred of their mother

14. What historical figure does his visitor like?
(a) Elizabeth, Queen of Britain
(b) Mary, Queen of Scots
(c) Sir Winston Churchill
(d) Pliny the younger

15. Where would Williams put Richard the Third?
(a) On the dock
(b) On the bench
(c) On the wall
(d) In prison

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Edward pay the captain as fare?

2. How did Thomas portray Richard?

3. How did Grant describe the book Marta gave him?

4. How old was Edmund when he went off to campaign?

5. How many of the Woodvilles were married into prominence?

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