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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seventeen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who returned after lunch and what was he/she carrying?
(a) The Midget with an extra pillow
(b) Marta with a cake
(c) The Amazon with a needle of sedative
(d) Sergeant Williams with two fat books

2. Where do people stand on soap boxes to speak of things of little consequence that few believe?
(a) Marble Arch
(b) Slate Arch
(c) Agate Arch
(d) Rose Arch

3. Thomas More's account said that Edward was previously married to whom?
(a) Susan Shanon
(b) Lucille Elizabeth
(c) Lucy Elizabeth
(d) Elizabeth Lucy

4. Who actually killed the two boys?
(a) Dwight and Frank
(b) Darcy and Forrest
(c) Diteon and Fredrich
(d) Dighton and Forrest

5. What are the last names of the people that have already vindicated Richard III?
(a) Tuck, Marpole, and Warkham
(b) Twain, Williams and Constance
(c) Chaucer, Bole, and Shakespeare
(d) Buck, Walpole and Markham

Short Answer Questions

1. Who had no recollection of anything he did until he was halfway through the act?

2. Where would Williams put Richard the Third?

3. What had gotten Grant so worked up?

4. What were the Cat and the Rat's positions?

5. What was Tyrrel's full name?

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