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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grant hate the sight of?
(a) The ceiling
(b) The nurses
(c) His injuries
(d) The needles

2. What color was the second visitor wearing?
(a) Me Red
(b) Me Blue
(c) Me green
(d) You yellow

3. What was the characteristic that had led Grant to identify the criminal in the lineup?
(a) His evil sneer
(b) His shifty eyes
(c) The way his hair was brushed
(d) The lines on his face

4. Who was the person in the picture Grant describes as a monster of nursery stories?
(a) Henry the Fifth
(b) Jack the Ripper
(c) Prince Charles
(d) Richard the Third

5. What did the two visitors talk about?
(a) What Grant should do to keep himself occupied
(b) The Bible and scripture
(c) The state of affairs in the house
(d) Grants' condition

Short Answer Questions

1. When Grant says no to researching the first historical figure, who else does his visitor suggest?

2. How does the Midget feel about Richard the Third's face?

3. Who comes to visit Grant in the hospital?

4. Grant picks up an engraving of a portrait. Who does it belong to?

5. Where was Marta headed when she went to visit Grant?

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