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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Grant want to get a note to?
(a) Mr. Williamson
(b) Marta
(c) Sergeant Williams
(d) Mr. Tinker

2. Who actually killed the two boys?
(a) Dwight and Frank
(b) Dighton and Forrest
(c) Darcy and Forrest
(d) Diteon and Fredrich

3. Where did Marta get all the engravings and pictures?
(a) From Jerry
(b) From John
(c) From James
(d) From Jessie

4. Who does Grant find in the middle of the room when he looks up from his book?
(a) The Amazon
(b) Marta
(c) The Midget
(d) The Matron

5. Who did Cicely lose that December morning in London and would never see again?
(a) Her son, her brother and her uncle
(b) Her sister, her husband and her brother
(c) Her sister, her son, and her husband
(d) Her husband, her brother and her son

Short Answer Questions

1. Who really outfitted the ships with Margaret's money?

2. How did Grant describe the book Marta gave him?

3. How does Grant describe the way stars affect a person?

4. How does the Midget say Richard killed his nephews?

5. What color was the second visitor wearing?

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