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The Daughter of Time

This is included in a statement in quotes on the title page of the novel.

At Sea in a Bowl

This is the title of the long-running play in London that the main character's actress friend is a star of.

Scotland Yard

This is the home of London's metropolitan police force.

The Rose of Raby

A fictional historical book read by the main character.

Titulus Regius

This is the name of an act passed in Parliament in Richard III's time.


This is both a name of a town and a word used to describe events that are widely held as belief but are totally inaccurate.

Morton's Fork

This was the name of a Catch 22 tax for noblemen and the poor alike that was imposed by Henry VII.

Butt of Malmsey

This is a term meant for drinking an inordinate amount of liquor.

Battle at Bosworth

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