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Chapter One

• Grant finds himself confined to a hospital bed after chasing a suspect.

• Suspect is behind bars now and this is his main comfort.

• He is extremely bored, but passes the time by studying the ceiling and becoming very familiar with the comings, goings and idiosyncrasies of his nurses.

• He is employed by London's Scotland Yard.

• He gave his nurses the nicknames of the Midget and the Amazon.
• Grant feels humiliated by his fall through the trap door.

• He doesn't want to read as he finds the writing flawed, predictable, and nonsensical.

• Marta stops by and brings Grant new flowers and books.

• Grant explains that he is in agony over the prickles of boredom.

• Marta suggests that he try to find a solution to an unsolved crime from history, such as Mary, Queen of Scots.

• Grant proves to be an amateur historian, and states that in his...

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