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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was the richest man in town found murdered in the beginning of "Justice"?
(a) Beaten.
(b) Shot.
(c) Hung.
(d) Stabbed.

2. What does Esau begin having nightmares about in "The Sight"?
(a) A fire.
(b) A dead relative.
(c) Criminals.
(d) Bears.

3. What flies up from the river after Henri is seen disappearing into it with his family in "The Legend of Pin Oak"?
(a) Two bats.
(b) Three birds.
(c) A butterfly.
(d) A moth.

4. What do the slaves do to the item taken from the plantation owner in "We Organized"?
(a) Scream at it.
(b) Chant to it.
(c) Light it on fire.
(d) Throw water on it.

5. What refers to a person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception?
(a) Psychic.
(b) Gypsy.
(c) Magician.
(d) Illusionist.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Britain outlaw slavery?

2. How does Esau injure himself in "The Sight"?

3. Who beats Esau's father in "The Sight"?

4. Who was Esau's fraternal twin brother in the Hebrew Bible?

5. What refers to a thin, filmy membrane that can cover a newborn's head and face immediately after birth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What creature appears from the woods in "Boo Mama"? What does it reveal about Nealy?

2. What is Ajax adept at using in "We Organized"? How is this revealed?

3. What is the moral of the story in "The Chicken-Coop Monster"?

4. What is the "veil" in reference to in the story "The Sight"?

5. Who does Harper decide to sell instead of Henri in "The Legend of Pin Oak"? What happens?

6. Who takes over Grady's route 25 years in the future in "The Woman in the Snow"? What does he encounter?

7. How does Lester know he's heard the 11:59? What does this train whistle mean?

8. What does the slave master do in the ending of "We Organized"? Why?

9. What stories does Lester regale in "The 11:59"?

10. What happens when Josie awakens after performing her "ritual" in "The Conjure Brother"?

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