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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What refers to a person who professes an ability to perceive information hidden from the normal senses through extrasensory perception?
(a) Psychic.
(b) Gypsy.
(c) Illusionist.
(d) Magician.

2. Which of the following is true of Henri's wife in "The Legend of Pin Oak"?
(a) She is a freed slave.
(b) She is a slave.
(c) She was born in New Orleans.
(d) She is white.

3. Where does Esau send his wife and children after he begins having nightmares in "The Sight"?
(a) To a hotel.
(b) To an apartment.
(c) To the car.
(d) His mother's house.

4. What position were black employees of the Pullman Palace Car Company not eligible for promotion as it was reserved for whites?
(a) Conductor.
(b) Porter.
(c) Pilot.
(d) Groundskeeper.

5. Who is the former owner of the Pin Oak Plantation?
(a) Henri.
(b) Charlemae.
(c) Amos McAvoy.
(d) Harper McAvoy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owns the gas station in town in "Justice"?

2. Who attempted to take away the gas station in order to fulfill a debt in "Justice"?

3. When had Hoop accused Alvin of killing a cat in "Justice"?

4. Who researches the story of Henri several decades after his death in "The Legend of Pin Oak"?

5. From what do the slaves hang an item from the plantation owner's clothing in "We Organized"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Lester die? What symbolism surrounds his death in "The 11:59"?

2. How does Lester know he's heard the 11:59? What does this train whistle mean?

3. How did Amos treat Henri growing up in "The Legend of Pin Oak"?

4. What stories does Lester regale in "The 11:59"?

5. What is Ajax adept at using in "We Organized"? How is this revealed?

6. Who is found murdered in "Justice"? Who points the police in the direction of Alvin Tinsley?

7. What does Hoop experience after the murder of Alvin Tinsley in "Justice"?

8. What leads Hoop to confess in "Justice"? What happens to the windows?

9. Where did the etchings in the window come from in "Justice"?

10. What happens when the police question Alvin in "Justice"?

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