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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What month is it in the beginning of "The Woman in the Snow"?
(a) November.
(b) April.
(c) October.
(d) June.

2. What did the grandfather do with the monster he had haunting him in "The Chicken-Coop Monster"?
(a) Confronted it.
(b) Threw water on it.
(c) Burned it.
(d) Ran from it.

3. What were the names of Patricia McKissack's parents?
(a) Robert and Erma Carwell.
(b) Jefferson and Roberta Williams.
(c) Matthew and Chloe Reynolds.
(d) Thomas and Edna McKissack.

4. How much time passes before Leddy finds her son in "Boo Mama"?
(a) 1 year.
(b) 3 years.
(c) 5 years.
(d) 2 years.

5. What is Laura's son extremely allergic to in "The Gingi"?
(a) Oranges.
(b) Bees.
(c) Peanuts.
(d) Dairy products.

6. What do the grandparents claim caught the neighboring girl's arm and injured her in "The Chicken-Coop Monster"?
(a) A chicken.
(b) A monster.
(c) A tree.
(d) A nail.

7. Where does Leddy take the words her son speaks to have them translated in "Boo Mama"?
(a) A university.
(b) A police station.
(c) A church.
(d) A hospital.

8. When was Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated?
(a) 1963.
(b) 1968.
(c) 1965.
(d) 1971.

9. What does Grady tell the woman when he opens the door in "The Woman in the Snow"?
(a) To go home.
(b) Get lost.
(c) Get a job.
(d) No one rides for free.

10. What does the conjure woman tell Josie to place under her bed in order to attain her wish in "The Conjure Brother"?
(a) A pan of water.
(b) A peach tree twig.
(c) A black stone.
(d) A rose.

11. What does Grady do the second time he sees the woman in "The Woman in the Snow"?
(a) Turns the bus around.
(b) Runs her over.
(c) Runs the bus into a tree.
(d) Offers her a ride.

12. Where is the protagonist sent to stay for a period of time in "The Chicken-Coop Monster"?
(a) Her friend's house.
(b) Her father's house.
(c) An institution.
(d) Her grandparents' house.

13. Where does the woman say her husband is in "The Woman in the Snow"?
(a) In the hospital.
(b) At work.
(c) In bed sleeping.
(d) Out of town.

14. Who assassinated Robert Kennedy?
(a) John Wilkes Booth.
(b) Sirhan Sirhan.
(c) John Wayne Gacy.
(d) James Earl Ray.

15. Where is Patricia McKissack from?
(a) Florida.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) Georgia.
(d) Tennessee.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Laura spot a sculpture which catches her eye in "The Gingi"?

2. What appliance does Laura's husband work to repair in "The Gingi"?

3. When is Ray driving when he sees a woman on the side of the road in "The Woman in the Snow"?

4. What does the woman from the woods say she gave Leddy's son to save his life in "Boo Mama"?

5. What had Leddy been before deciding to drop out of society in "Boo Mama"?

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