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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Chee tries to call Dashee after finding the missing vehicle, where is Dashee headed?
(a) Moenkopi.
(b) Second Mesa.
(c) Tuba City.
(d) Chuska Range.

2. When the prisoner Chee is investigating was arrested on a narcotics charge, how many pounds of marijuana did the police confiscate?
(a) 500 pounds.
(b) 800 pounds.
(c) 20 puunds.
(d) 100 pounds.

3. On Chee's second phone call, what does Chee suggest the caller do?
(a) Meet him at the reservation.
(b) Stake out the windmill.
(c) Check dental records.
(d) Record the conversation.

4. According to the rap sheet Chee is reading at the prison, what was the prisoner's first arrest for?
(a) Grand theft auto.
(b) Murder.
(c) Burglary.
(d) Drunk and disorderly conduct.

5. When Gaines is on the telephone at the Hopi Cultural Center motel, by what name does Gaines address his caller?
(a) Johnson.
(b) Dashee.
(c) West.
(d) Palanzer.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to prison officials, who was depositing extra money into the prisoner's canteen account?

2. According to his mother, where did Joseph Musket go after the Enemy Way?

3. Where does the arroyo that the missing car is hidden in lead to?

4. What clan does the person Chee goes to visit belong to?

5. According to the rap sheet Chee is reading at the prison, what was the prisoner arrested for in El Paso?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Chee's conversation with the old Hopi, what does Chee say that he understands it gets harder and harder to do?

2. When Chee phones Dashee to ask about the missing drugs, what does Dashee tell Chee?

3. Why does Dashee's boss, the sheriff, think Dashee knows where the drugs are hidden?

4. Why does Chee unearth the hidden suitcases and take them with him to the village where the ceremony is taking place?

5. According to the friend of West that Chee interviews, why did Johnson stay parked away from the prison long after he and West were finished talking?

6. As Chee flees from his trailer where two men were waiting for him, what does Chee wonder about in regard to the scheduled exchange?

7. How does Chee respond when Dashee asks Chee directly if Chee found the car?

8. How does Chee respond when Largo asks Chee for all of his paperwork?

9. When Chee and Musket's mother introduce themselves, what information do they share?

10. How was Thomas West killed?

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