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Short Answer Questions

1. Who appears on the television talk show with Dr. Wopler?

2. After the new commissioner is named, which of the criminals at Arkham is preparing to re-enter society?

3. What other super friend emerges in this book?

4. What is Carrie's first official job as Robin?

5. Posing as a detective, Batman asks the new commissioner about what event?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One central theme revolving through "The Dark Knight Returns" is the question of who is good and who is evil? It seems that many of the characters, including the protagonist, are not always good. Explain who you believe in the story to be truly good. Also, discuss what it means to be good. Use the text to support your answer and provide evidence for your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

Did Carrie really want to be Batman's Robin or was she just hoping to dress up and have a little fun pretending? Explain your thoughts.

Essay Topic 3

How important was the friendship between Batman and Commissioner Gordon over the years?

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