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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sets off the explosives in the Tunnel of Love while still inside?

2. Selina Kyle tells Batman that the Joker is killing people by doing what?

3. After the detonation of the nuclear weapons, what disables all the electronics in Gotham and the Western hemisphere?

4. Who is naked, wearing an American flag and pleading for a full nuclear strike on Corto Maltese?

5. What did the Joker want to accomplish with his latest action against Batman?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Why didn't Police Commissioner Yindel credit Batman for his role in saving the governor? Why didn't his tip get her to drop the criminal charges against him.

Essay Topic 2

How does Bruce's sponsorship of Harvey Dent in the asylum reflect Batman's decision not to ever kill a criminal?

Essay Topic 3

Why did Bruce think it was necessary for him to die in order for Batman to live?

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