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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is naked, wearing an American flag and pleading for a full nuclear strike on Corto Maltese?
(a) The prostitute
(b) Congressman Noches
(c) Lana Lang
(d) Congressman Gordon

2. When Clark Kent meets with Bruce, what important information does he tell him?
(a) The President wants Bruce to be silent.
(b) The President wants Bruce to run for office.
(c) The President wants Bruce to join a special task force.
(d) The President wants Bruce to stop what he is doing.

3. After sharing his plans with Commissioner Gordon and Robin to defeat the Mutants, who does Batman meet at the Mutants' dump?
(a) The Joker.
(b) The Mutants' leader.
(c) Harvey Dent.
(d) The Mutants gang.

4. After the new commissioner is named, which of the criminals at Arkham is preparing to re-enter society?
(a) Harvey Dent.
(b) The Joker.
(c) Catwoman.
(d) The Scarecrow.

5. Who tells a TV reporter that Batman has "infected the youth of Gotham?"
(a) Dr. Wolper
(b) Lana Lang
(c) The Joker
(d) The mayor

6. On the talk show, what does Wolper say is Batman's psychosis?
(a) Agoraphobia
(b) Fear of heights
(c) Sexual repression
(d) Arachnophobia

7. What is Carrie's first official job as Robin?
(a) Getting the Mutants to free their leader from jail
(b) Getting the Mutants to meet at the Pipe
(c) Getting the Mutants to sign a peace treaty
(d) Getting the Mutants to meet in the alley

8. Who radios a message regarding the governor's safety to Commissioner Yindel?
(a) James Gordon
(b) Batman
(c) The Joker
(d) The TV station

9. After the detonation of the nuclear weapons, what disables all the electronics in Gotham and the Western hemisphere?
(a) An electromagnetic pulse.
(b) A charge.
(c) A nuclear winter.
(d) A bomb.

10. After Gotham City spirals into a den of violence, who does Commissioner Gordon take in to meet with the Mutants' leader?
(a) Superman.
(b) The mayor.
(c) Batman.
(d) The president.

11. The Soviets' nuclear weapons were directed at which location?
(a) Corto Maltese.
(b) Gotham.
(c) D.C.
(d) Metropolis.

12. Who stops the Sons of Batman from burning down Gotham?
(a) The Mutants
(b) The police
(c) A priest
(d) Batman

13. When riots break out all over Gotham, what else spreads and threatens to destroy the city?
(a) Poison.
(b) Fires.
(c) Gas.
(d) Criminals.

14. According to Clark Kent, where has Diana (Wonder Woman) gone?
(a) To her island home.
(b) To the moon.
(c) To Metropolis.
(d) To Mars.

15. Alfred declares what about Bruce Wayne when Carrie asks about Bruce after their return from the county fair?
(a) He is always brooding.
(b) He is acting irrationally.
(c) He needs a hospital.
(d) He'll live.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who thwarts a 7-11 robbery in the name of Batman?

2. How does the Joker spread his mind control?

3. What happens when police tried to cover the Joker's body?

4. What does the Mutants' leader do in front of Commissioner Gordon?

5. What is the new name of the Mutants?

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