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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the announcement of the new commissioner, what plan for Batman does the new commissioner want to begin?
(a) Weekly meetings with Batman.
(b) Arresting Batman.
(c) Befriending Batman.
(d) Celebrating Batman's efforts.

2. When the riots are raging all over Gotham, Batman and Robin set out to what location to get help?
(a) The Bat cave.
(b) Metropolis.
(c) The dump.
(d) The police station.

3. After the explosions go off at the Tunnel of Love, what does Batman tell Robin to do?
(a) Get the chopper.
(b) Call for help.
(c) Hold him up.
(d) Leave.

4. Who is one of the Arkham administrators?
(a) Bruce Wayne.
(b) Dr. Jones.
(c) Dr. Wopler.
(d) Dr. Stevens.

5. Who do the Mutants come to see as their leader?
(a) Robin.
(b) Batman.
(c) The Joker.
(d) The Mutants' leader.

6. With whom does Batman share his plan to render the Mutants helpless?
(a) Superman.
(b) Robin.
(c) Commissioner Gordon.
(d) Alfred.

7. When Clark Kent meets with Bruce, what important information does he tell him?
(a) The President wants Bruce to join a special task force.
(b) The President wants Bruce to be silent.
(c) The President wants Bruce to run for office.
(d) The President wants Bruce to stop what he is doing.

8. After Clark Kent gives Bruce an important warning, what does Bruce tell him in return?
(a) He will stop being Batman.
(b) He will not stop doing what he must do.
(c) He will seek Clark Kent's help.
(d) He will continue to support the President's orders.

9. After a bomb goes off forcing people to scatter for safety, which character flees into the House of Mirrors?
(a) Robin.
(b) The commissioner.
(c) The Joker.
(d) Harvey Dent.

10. When the Joker's thugs sets off one of the bombs, who does it miss?
(a) The commissioner.
(b) Batman and Robin.
(c) The police.
(d) The spectators.

11. After the detonation of the nuclear weapons, what disables all the electronics in Gotham and the Western hemisphere?
(a) An electromagnetic pulse.
(b) A charge.
(c) A bomb.
(d) A nuclear winter.

12. Once Robin gets away from the cops, how is Batman's location revealed?
(a) With the chopper's searchlight.
(b) With the chopper's computer.
(c) With the commissioner's help.
(d) The chopper finds him.

13. Who attempts to capture Batman on the roof of the television studio?
(a) Commissioner Gordon.
(b) Harvey Dent.
(c) The Gotham City Police.
(d) The Joker.

14. Just before the Soviets launch their nuclear weapons, what does Clark say to Bruce at their meeting?
(a) Get to safety.
(b) Trouble is brewing.
(c) Support the President.
(d) Come and help defend the planet.

15. What happens to the Soviets' nuclear weapons?
(a) Superman crushes them.
(b) Superman pushes them into outer space.
(c) Superman pushes them deep into the earth.
(d) Superman intercepts and detonates them.

Short Answer Questions

1. In pursuit of Batman at the fair, what do the commissioner and the cops find instead?

2. While in the House of Mirrors, who repeatedly fires a gun at Batman?

3. After the nuclear weapons detonate, what do the people of Gotham do?

4. What happens inside the television studio during the talk show?

5. Selina Kyle tells Batman that the Joker is killing people by doing what?

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